Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Apartment Hunt has Concluded

Well it was an anti-climatic apartment hunting trip.
A real mixed bag of highs and lows.

Let me "share" with y'all about just one place now.
We lovingly refer to it as the "shithole" apartment.

Would you allow your grown kid to live in a shithole? I'm sorry but that is the ONLY word I could use to describe this "apartment".

 Notice that eldest son has his shirt over his nose/mouth so he doesn't gag from the stench.  Too bad blogs don't have "smell-o-vision".....ok, maybe it IS a good thing on the other hand if you ever want to have an appetite to eat again.

The carpeting(if you can still call it that-and the linoleum in the combo kitchen/living room is so old and ripped up.   The window looked original to the building which had to date from the 1930's or 1940's.
The bathroom?....well I'll spare you those photos.
It looked like someone had been murdered in the larger of the two bedrooms.
They didn't even paint or clean the walls of the filth, graffiti and the feces smeared handprints. The "central air" turned out to be 1 antique window unit in the bedroom. 
This photo didn't come out to show you what was on the walls.
This was a ballpoint pen drawing of what looked like a giant turd.
Except for this newish stove/oven there was a 50 yr. old fridge.  The whole floor was slanted as the building was quite old and worn out and there was a grocery/convenience store under the apartment....and an equally ancient gas pump out front.
I thought I was going to have a lawsuit trying to get down the rickety stairs back down to ground level.
Well if I didn't trip on the missing linoleum times and rotted plywood underlayment of the "porch" first.
Hey, but there was a rain soaked old sofa on the patio area under the porch with a great view of the dumpster sitting next to the building.....

And they wanted $850 a mo. for the honor of living in this.....I wouldn't even live here if you paid ME $2000 a mo.!
 Heck I wouldn't even let their cat live here and you know how I feel about cats....lol

What planet is this guy living on?

 And what's even more alarming is that someone IS living in the identical unit next door!! It has to be a crack head NOT to be aware of the filth and smell.  But the crack head next door DOES have a satellite dish for his tv.   What is wrong with HIS priorities?   Live in a shithole but have 250 cable channels to dull the pain......lolz

And this bargain apartment isn't even NEAR civilization or an urban center with jobs/stores/services!

Eldest went back into the grocery store to thank the owner for showing us this disaster but said "no thanks".
To which the owner replied if he didn't like this one he had others.......wtf!?!?

We did find 2 other suitable living situations and eldest and his GF have decided on which one of those to go with so we'll be signed the lease and putting $ down later this morning.
And the other 2 apts. were clean, newly painted, with appliances that were from something post 1950, had a washer and dryer, attached to a complex with a pool, exercise/weight room, clubhouse, etc. and cost slightly more than what the slumlord was asking for the crime scene apartment.

All I can say is WOW......just wow.



  1. ew ew ew! thanks for not showing pictures of this "unfit for human habitation" shithole!

  2. Sad to say but someone will probably end up living there someday. That landlord should be reported to some kind of housing agency or fined or something! So glad your son and GF found something better.

  3. Glad you found a suitable place. Two BR I hope so you can visit! My son was never so happy when he finally was able to afford an apartment without roommates and then later a 2 BR! Any wedding plans or do keep your mouth shut LOL? I let my sister do the interrogating.

  4. Sometimes it is good to see something horrible, so you have a comparison about what a few bucks more a month will get you. To me that is what being frugal is all about; spending wisely! And sometimes the wisest spending is more.

  5. Amazing what some people call clean and livable. Then again I think you need all your shots just to enter my kids rooms when they were teenagers.

  6. OMG but I bet someone actually rents that shithole :)

  7. I am so glad you found suitable accommodation for the eldest! I think he'll like living in VA. And that area is a great location - close to DC and all it offers, not too much farther from the beach than I am, mountains are 2 hours west. It's one reason that VA is such a magnet state!

    Peace <3

  8. Too bad it was a craphole. The stairway/balcony was cute....from the angle you took the pic from. LOL!

  9. How could the slumlord think that it was alright to even show this mess? What is he living in?

  10. I guess that's why they're called "slum landlords"!! EW! I remember my apt. hunting days when I was in university - there were more dives than nice places. Perseverance!


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