Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ocean City October 2014 Vacation....Part 3

On Wednesday, our last day in Ocean City, we slept in.  Hubs went out and got us some Fractured Prune donuts to eat in the room.  This is a tradition to get FP donuts once during our OC trips.

Around noon we went out to see a movie called "The Trip to Italy".
Man, what a plodding, slow British "dramedy".  I like Steve Coogan but this one was a dud.
Can I have that 2 hours of my life back please? lolz

Then we drove around a bit shopping(didn't buy anything)and then went fruitcake hunting at Rose's.  Still too early for Christmas fruitcakes to be put on the shelves there that year.

We had an early dinner at J/R's the Place for Ribs.  It's been here for ages and we've been here before though I am not a fan and don't know what any one sees in the place but Hubs wanted to go.

We got a Combo Dinner for 2(some special they offered for $39.99)of ribs and chicken(I think).  Their ribs are nothing compared to what I had in Memphis on our May trip this year nor are they as good as what I can make myself on the smoker!

After dinner we hit the 45th St. TapHouse......

It is located on the bayside, right on the water a few doors down from the actual brewery and their restaurant.

A bit chilly to sit outside there at night but I wandered out to take in the view anyway at dusk.....

Hubs got a flight of Assawoman Bay Brewing beers they carry on tap at 45th St. Tap House.....

I didn't feel like drinking(crazy, right?)so I just snapped photos of the décor and browsed the gift shop....

Ok, Hubs talked me into this dark brew......

I guess he liked the brews here because he wanted a memorial photo standing in front of the place......

Then it was back to the room to pack up and enjoy more brews on the balcony....

We left OC late Thursday morning and headed back north along the coast to Rehoboth.....

One day we'll stop at one of these beach access areas here along the coast below Rehoboth but not today.

We made another stop at one of the big liquor stores in Rehoboth for some provisions to take home.

Ron Burgundy Scotchy Scotch?.....I don't think so! lolz

By this time it was the lunch hour so we stopped for an early repast before the long journey home since we hadn't had any breakfast......

I had wanted to take Hubs here for a few years and finally did.  The man loves him some Italian food!
I forgot to get a t-shirt that they sell here that says, "I've been touched." lolz

Hubs got a calamari appetizer.....

And I got a shrimp bisque zuppa....

If that wasn't enough I then ate a veal parm sub......

It was half price sandwich day....yes!

I think this one was called the "Da Vinci".....

Touch of Italy isn't cheap so I am glad we got lunch instead of dinner and that the sammiches were half off that day.....a win/win!
Not cheap but it was very authentic and good.

After lunch we got into the car with full bellies and headed north.

Just a sign along the route home before we hit Wilmington area.

And that was the end of our last hurrah of the traveling season in 2014 here at Chez Sluggy.

I hope y'all enjoyed the trip.  ;-)



  1. How about "Pino's Pizza" next time you're there? Seen the Fractured Prune 1,000,000 times; never been there. JR's - yes. Tap House - let me just say you guys sure can put away a lot of brew. I'd be listing sideways after 2. Eyeballs in two different directions; sitting under the table.

    Roses = My Favorite. Still have jackets and other clothing stockpiled from that place.

  2. You would think they would make a red wine called Ron Burgundy Burgundy :) We don't have a smoker but hubby still makes a mean pork ribs with rub that we slow cook in the oven then finish on the BBQ. Yummmmy.

  3. You guys surely seem to enjoy each other! I dream of a vacation with my dh, but the thought of driving anywhere with my brood in the backseat...ahhh! Driving to the store with them in tow makes me want to bang my head against the dashboard!
    I truly enjoy your vacation recaps. Thank you.
    As for popular restaurants, I find I am almost always disappointed..overpriced, and often paling in comparison to what I could prepare. I imagine you must get that as well. Your home menus are impressive.

  4. Looks like a GREAT trip!

    Peace <3

  5. I was skim reading at first and thought "OMG who in the world eats prune doughnuts" Had to re-read to realize it was the company name, thank God!
    I also enjoy your travel posts, so get out there an hit the road more!

  6. You and Hubs are just so darn cute!


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