Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surgery Results & Apt. Hunting

Well the surgery on my ball went well.  The actual slicing and dicing part seemed to take longer than the last one on the other ball.
I was again the baby in the pre-op room.....surrounding by an 87 yr. old woman, and 2 men, one 74 and the other 77.

Thanks again for everyone's well wishes.  Cataract surgery has become so routine now that it hardly ever goes awry.  My doctor was also the best eye surgeon in this area.

I was so hungry Hubs took me directly to the Chinese buffet afterwards.  A quick stop for more rxs and it was home and a nap.
The eye patch is now off and the vision is still fuzzy but should be returning over the next couple of days.
Tomorrow after my post-op follow-up which College Boy is taking me to, we'll make a stop at the Dollar Tree for a couple of pairs of "cheater" glasses, so I can see the computer screen without having to stretch my arms out. lolz

Let me get specific about the Eldest son's new job. Being a native born and raised Virginian myself, anything north of Richmond I consider Northern Virginia.  Eldest won't be teaching in the Northern VA 'DC 'burbs but in Spotsylvania County, outside of Fredericksburg(which is halfway on I-95 between Richmond and DC).  I spent a Summer living/working in F/burg back in the '80s at the theatre at Mary Washington so I have a recollection of the area(which most probably has changed immensely).  Rents/traffic isn't quite as bad that far South along the interstate but it's within striking range of DC. 

This location also gives the GF opportunities to look for a position from Richmond to DC/VA 'burbs or even as far as Waldorf MD if she crossed over onto that patch at Dahlgren VA.
The apartment search is being centered in Spotsylvania Co./Fredericksburg/Stafford.  There are a couple places in King George Co. he is considering as well.  It's been hard finding housing under $900 a month anyway.  With not being able to rely on any income from the GF yet they need to keep it as low as possible.  Once she gets her boards passed and finds a position they would be able to upgrade to a nicer/more expensive place so this first place is just to get them into the area and probably won't be a long term living situation.
Depending on where the GF gets a position eventually will affect where they move to next as they want to try to end up in a location that is fairly equidistance for commuting for them both.

Just wish us luck finding something that doesn't break the budget and is in a safe neighborhood.




  1. Oh yes Fredericksburg area is bound to be cheaper. We had a summer house at Lake of the Woods there- nice rural area in Orange County. My DD, SIL and baby GD live in San Fran (right in the city)- talk about cost of apartments but they like it and soninlaw has good job. Dd is able to stay at home too. As for loaning money, I never have had to do that, I think 2 of my kids could loan me money haha. I need to have a cataract removed also- maybe next year. My brother had both eyes operated on last eyar and was able to use ACA. He had to pay OOP over $2500 but it was cheaper than paying for the entire thing. He can now drive at night. His surgeries were just 2 weeks apart. How are you doing?

  2. Tight budgets stretch patience in home hunting so good luck. Both kids hunted with me on phone pointing out what they should look at and ask about.

  3. I'm glad that your ball is better. I was worried and said a prayers.
    I'm sure that your son will land on his feet. It just takes longer to get a good start these days. Hmmmm, someone smart told me that.

  4. Glad that the surgery went well! For a moment though, I had to check to see who's blog I was on!

    Housing in F'burg is NOT cheap. It's a bedroom community for DC, so prices are artificially high. Good luck!

    Peace <3

  5. Glad surgery went well. AND I'm glad for your son he's in the Fredericksburg area. So.much.cheaper.

    My daughter will be signing a contract for a two bedroom townhome rental for $1900 a month in No.Va/DC suburbs. Ugh.

    My daughter went to Mary Washington, but it's changed a bunch since she's been there. Very built up, which is probably why it seems expensive. Anyway, hope all goes well with the search! :)

  6. I am so glad surgery on your second ball went so well. I wasn't worried, but I prayed anyway. Can't hurt, right? It won't be long and you will be seeing so clearly!

    Good luck on the apartment search.


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