Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's The Little Things Sometimes

I've gotten joy out of doing some little things around here lately.....

*  We use to have large world maps on the laundry room door in our upstairs hallway.  Since the kids are grown the maps were tossed but the foam sticky pads holding them onto the door are still affixed to said door.
I took my trusty bottle of Goo Gone and a Q-tip to those foam pads last week and now the door is again a thing of beauty.

*  I won this wall art at the local church auction last Oct. and have been waiting for Hubs to actually hang it on the wall in the dining room.  After 8 MONTHS I got tired of waiting so I hung it myself......

It only took 5 minutes.

*  I made breakfast smoothies a couple of times lately.
I took some frozen peach slices, a cup of peach yogurt, a blueberry/carrot/kale fruit mix-in cup(gotten for free at Weis in May)and a couple of ice cubes.

That gave me 2 days worth of fruit smoothies.
Nice and tasty and cool start to a hot Summer day.......

*  I purged a bunch of papers by putting my yearly household expense sheets onto my computer.  5 years of monthly reports. bleh.  I then copied all that info onto a flash drive too and happily threw out a stack of paper!   This wasn't such a little things since it took days to finish but I feel much lighter and more organized for it.

*  While we keep getting rain nearly every day for months now, the sun has come out enough to help my pitiful little garden grow a bit.

I've got tomatoes, pole beans, collards and yellow squash planted in this patch.

The "regular" tomatoes are finally setting buds on the plants and I've even got 1 tiny mater in this blurry shot.....

*  I did all the financial data for the last 6 months for my Etsy store.  After fees, shipping and the cost of the fabric when I purchased it, I have netted $37.66 in income there.  I sold 14 pieces of fabric this year through June.
I have also sold 2 more pieces just this week.  I am not going to get rich but at least I am making a little something on stuff I can't use and it's going to a good home where it will be appreciated.

*  We only ate out(or got take-out)3 times in June.....Subway x1, Chinese take-out x 1 and a day out at a local brewery for Father's Day.  $79.71 spent in total on Eating Out Food.

*  Our credit card bill just cut and it's $377.69 for July.  MUUUUUCH better than the $3K+ bill in June from our May road trip to Louisiana.  I'll have a nice big hunk of $$$ to put into savings at the end of July into my Savings Challenge unless something terribly expen$ive comes up before July is over.

*  After my 1 Day Post-Op appointment at the eye doc College Boy drove me to the Dollar Tree so I could pick up some "cheater" glasses.  I need these now to see paperwork, etc.
Me in my fashionably green frames.........

I just wish everyone could be as gorgeous as me. *snort*

*  Being able to pay the monthly garbage bill for the full year at one time and not have it cramp my finances.  Call me a nerd but it's one less thing to worry/bother/deal with later on this year.

*  Having the humidity break from all this intermittent rain since May and being able to open the window and feel a breeze in the house. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

*  I got my "sealed pot" of coins out to count and roll 'em up.......

$54 so far this year.

*  I purged the stack of coupon inserts before June ended too.....

What little things you can appreciate that are going on in your world lately?



  1. I'mma digging those green glasses; YOU ROCK!

  2. That's what I have been doing today - just getting little things done. Chopped up 5# of strawberries to freeze. Decluttered a bit more, 2 boxes of crap (most got thrown out) added to a 3rd box that wasn't all the way full, so 2 less boxes in my closet.

  3. I bought those same glasses in turquoise! I also went through old files yesterday and pulled out a big stack. They need to be shredded and I don't have a shredder. :-( I've only had one online sale in the last two weeks. Things are really slooooow right now so I've been watching tons of TV. It's too hot to do anything outside.

  4. Getting ready to leave for church and then hit a few stores. My kids keep telling me to make a smoothie and I have all the ingredients but I'm too lazy LOL. Oh well, one of these days...I remember rolling coins but frtunately, my bank has a coin machine and it adds it right to your savings or checking account! Very convenient! I have been told I have a small cataract so one of these days I need to go back to the eye doctor- I don't need glasses except for small print and buy mine at Dollar Tree too. Can I say I must have 20 pair here between my desk, coffee table, nightstand and car? The price is right though and they do break easily! Have a good Sunday.

  5. I think you are workin' those glasses!!!
    I love when I get a bunch of things done around here. The problem is no one really sees what we are doing. We know it but no one else really does. sigh.

  6. I think you look cute in the photo, despite the snorty caption, and the green glasses are a vibrant accent. But Sluggy looks even cuter in person. LOVED MEETING SLUGGY LMS LMS LMS LMS.....

    Still lovin' my great day yesterday. Met Sluggy. World indexes going my way. Made up with friends who were previously angry, the night before. What a weekend. That, plus cheeseburgers, and my car is fixed, which was not true one week ago. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN

  7. I want to send you a picture of my garden but you will no longer be my friend. I love the dollar store cheaters. I have several pair all over the house. Love the green and I think you are beautiful.

  8. Love your cheaters! My current favorite pair is purple with flowers. LOL! I need to go to Dollar Tree. I have heard the selection is really good. I have only gotten them at 99 Cents only. Oh and a pair of bifocal sunglasses off Amazon. I need readers to read but it is so bright on the bus I was squinting all the time. The splurge was better than getting wrinkles!

    Last weekend, I vacuumed and spot cleaned the carpet. No one would notice but me, but I felt so accomplished.


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