Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 239th Birthday!

I suspect that if Mr. Jefferson, et all where to return to present day America they would hardly recognize it nor believe what it has become, both good and bad.

That being said, let's hoist a cold one(beverage of your choice)to the people who make this crazy nation go round--you, me and our fellow citizenry.

My house is situation on a hill above the town park, less than a mile away, where they shoot off fireworks every July 4th weekend.
Enjoy this brief snip of what transpired last night in my neck of the woods!

Here's to the freedoms we still enjoy in America!
Now go wave a flag, shoot off bootleg fireworks(and hopefully not your fingers) and drink your neighbor under the table.



  1. Yes!!!
    I'm attempting a grass fed tritip on the BBQ. At the price I paid , I hope its not a crisp by the time I'm done.
    We haven't done fireworks for years since our kids were younger. Plus, here in northern ca a lot of places are banning them due our extreme fire danger.

  2. Happy 4th from the lake,, enjoying nature's fireworks! (Putting a positive spin on thunderstorms)

  3. All I've been doing is washing stock pots like a restaurant dishwasher, and cooking in a hot kitchen till my feet ache. But whatever, right? As long as everyone has a great holiday, it's all worth it to me.

  4. I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend?


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