Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ho Hum Weekend

Not much going on around here this weekend.
It's hotter than hell today so I am staying indoors with the a/c on after a trip outside to check on the garden.

I haven't gone anywhere since Friday when I hit the bank and Weis(PMITA)Markets to do that paper products deal again.  And yes, I got another $3 Catalina for doing the deal. 8-)

Hubs on the other hand, has made 5 trips out this weekend and even went down the mountain for 3 of them.

I called Sonya and Eldest son yesterday but evidently they both have a life on weekends, unlike me...... 8-(

I rode my bike another 8 miles the last 2 days.

I saw on the news last night that it was 109 in Shreveport Louisiana the other day.
OMG!  I think this plan to move to LA has to be rethought..............

I made a cheese grits and country ham casserole with leftover ham we had for breakfast Saturday. Served that with fried apple slices.  It was ok but nothing great.  As we don't eat much of a breakfast during the week here, I might pan fry slices of it in bacon fat and serve that for dinner one night this week to use it up.  That plus sometime green and healthier would make a right proper meal.

Speaking of food, I am working on both my July food spending post and my Savings Challenge post, as well as my Monday menu post this weekend.
Is it really time again to make another weekly menu??  Didn't I just make one 2 days ago? lolz

I might even start in on my May road trip series of posts too.

I did do a bit of genealogy digging on Saturday as I haven't been doing much with that hobby lately.  Found some interesting information on another "new to me" dead relation.  Might make a trip somewhere while on the Family Reunion excursion in September to flesh this info out and have something proper to post on it.  I also need to work on Part 2 of the genealogy post on my paternal grandfather but just haven't been "feeling it" lately.

We do have some excitement coming up in the coming week around Chez Sluggy though.

* Later this week finds us making a trip to Pittsburgh PA and then to Fredericksburg VA to move Eldest son.  The weather is suppose to be muggy and questionable those days which doesn't bode well.  I hope things turn out for the best even so.

* Then next week it's a quick visit from a blogging friend on her way through this area.  I will try not to poison her with my cooking and OMG this means I have to CLEAN THE HOUSE?....doesn't it???!!!
Oh, now I didn't think about that when I offered her dinner.  Maybe I can talk her into wearing sunglasses(better yet, a blindfold!)inside the house so she doesn't see all the cobwebs.......ya think?

Hubs and I need to go over some retirement type paperwork that he sent off for a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe we'll go through that tonight if I can stay awake.....stuff like this just makes me want to sleep. lolz

Ok, I am off to see what I can offer Hubs for dinner here tonight and get some more miles logged on the bike.
I doubt if he will think highly of leftover baked beans from the July 4th picnic which I really need to pitch out!

What's going on in your world?



  1. The dog in the ice picture is adorable.
    And I am sorry that I couldn't chit-chat but I did have about 4 drinks for you, does that count? The love was there along with the cocktails. And I wished you here.

    1. and just how many cocktails did you have for yourself along with my 4? lolz

      I wish I had friends here.....and I wish they were fun too.

  2. Can't wait to find out who the blogging friend is. I'm sure she'll be so happy to see you that she won't give a sh*t about any cobwebs.

    If you are suffering up there from the heat up there for a few days or even a week or two, trust me it's so much worse down here. IT'S SO FREAKIN' HOT ALL THE TIME! IT'S 84 DEGREES AT 5 AM!! I mean may want to reconsider moving this far south.

    1. Yeah you got me beat on the heat index thing. Shreveport is a bit further North from lower Alabama but still too hot in the Summer. That's why I need a place to escape to in the Summer once we move down there.

  3. Ooh, blogging friends definately won't judge. You've stretched those beans a long time.

    1. Yes and blogging friend is a smarta@@ evidently too! lolz
      Those beans are now in the garbage....alas! waste strikes again.

  4. I tried using leftover baked beans a way I read about in some depression era remembrance. The guys mom would put baked beans on a slice of bread, add a little shredded cheese and then toasted it on a griddle. I did the same but buttered the bread and grilled it like a grilled cheese. It was a pretty tasty way to get rid of the last of the beans.

    My aunt used to have a sign on her front doorway."I cleaned house yesterday. Too bad you missed it"

  5. Laid back weekend, cookout with a friend, fixed my home theatre (see FB), ate healthily, did laundry. That is all.

    Peace <3

    1. Sounds like a prudent and easy weekend Jay! ;-)


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