Friday, July 3, 2015

June Goal List Results

Here's a run down on how I did on the June Goals--


* Clean Living/Dining Room  DONE
Got 'em both cleaned.  Still have a tub of Daughter's stuff to load and relocate but nowhere to put it yet.  bleh.

* Clean upstairs Hallway  DONE
Got everything put away and the rug vacuumed and the floor swept.  Trying to keep the laundry basket empty(clean clothes put away)and in the laundry room instead of the hallway.  I moved some tubs of stuff into the spare bedroom closet so they are out of the hallway now.

* Tidy up Garage  DONE
Got it straightened up.  It's still a mess though because there is too much stuff out there!  Once we get the spare fridge emptied out that is going bye bye.  Still have some stuff to take to Salvation Army out there as well as too much booze. lol  Ok, there is no such thing as too much booze.....what was I thinking!?! ;-)

* Bike 50 miles  DONE

I blasted my 50 mile goal and did 76 miles in June.

* Weed/Fix up front flower bed  DONE
Planted, weeded and edged for now....of course the weeding and edged is continuous.....bleh.  I go out when it's cool in the morning and weed a bit at a time.  I need College Boy to go edge on his day off(as long as I stand around and nag him all day about it to get it actually done).  We still need to lay the mulch down....that might happen on Sunday if it doesn't rain some more. ugh.

*  Plant rest of garden   DONE
We had to replant the collards and the green beans since the rabbits took those out before we got the fencing up.  The second batch of plants seems to be holding their own against the chipmunks who can still get through the fencing.
We just need it to STOP RAINING for more than a few hours!  Seriously nothing is growing much yet.  I worry that the tomatoes will get blossom end rot again this year. Send the sun please.

* Use Hand Weights 10 days  FAIL
Didn't even try this month.  Will attempt to work those into my routine in July but don't hold your breath. lolz

* Pay the Bills   DONE
Everything paid on time.  Even that monstrously huge credit card bill was Paid in Full because there is no way in hell I am paying interest on any cc debt!

* Gather donation/declutter  DONE
Of course de-cluttering is an ongoing project so it never seems to leave my list. lolz

* Take donation to SA  FAIL
The donation stuff is still sitting in the living room.  I'll get it moved into Hubs car tomorrow morning or tonight and he can drop it off sometime in the coming week after work.

* Cut out 2 Tops and Sew Them  FAIL
Didn't do a lick of sewing in June.  No mojo......

* Write a letter  FAIL
I am always sending out emails on this machine.....does that count? lol

* Apply for Passport  FAIL
At this point it looks like I won't be taking a trip this Summer and won't need a passport anytime soon, so this goal is going away for now.

Do you make monthly goals?
How did you do on them in June?



  1. You should always keep a passport handy, you never know when you might have an opportunity. A passport is good for 10 years.

  2. Frickin' rabbits came through last night and plowed through the garden. Didn't eat anything, just bit everything in half. Why?!

  3. I was getting worried until I saw a few fails, I thought you had turned into me and that is over the top. Not that I don't fail. Well my health does, my sanity does, I cannot pay my bills on time, as I don't have enough money. I just skate in there before the late charge time.

  4. You really are doing well!!!!! I too keep saying that I want to get our passports but haven't gotten around to it. We have to have a few things that we don't get done just to stay motivated, right?

  5. As long as you make some of your goals, I think you are good. I don't make monthly goals, so I never fail.

    I also don't pay CC interest.


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