Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Food Spending

After the trips to Target and the Bakery Outlet on Monday I finally set my menu for the cook-out on the 4th--

hot dogs(have)
leftover smoked bbq chicken(have)
smoke bbq ribs(have)
pasta salad(need stuff)
chips and dips(need stuff)
roasted corn on the cob(need)
cherry cheesecake pie(need stuff)
zucchini bread(have)

With that in mind I hit the food stores yesterday......

A quickie at Dollar Tree(nothing for the picnic but stuff we need/use)

2 x Pot Stickers=$2.00
2 x taco shells=$2.00
2 x salad dressing=$2.00
2 x Fudgsicles=$2.00
2 x Hormel pepperoni packs=$2.00
1 x Palmolive dish soap=$1.00
SubTotal....$11.06(tax on the dish soap)

I used--
1 x .75/2 Kraft dressing ManuQ=.75¢
1 x .25¢/1 Palmolive IPQ=.25¢
1 x $1/2 Hormel pepperoni IPQ=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$2.00

$11.06-$2=$9.06 OOP

I also had a $1/2 Ortega taco shells IPQ but it beeped so the cashier wouldn't take it.  I might have waited on the taco shell purchase but they were still a good deal at $1 a box rather than .50¢ a box.

I also hit a low priced produce market on the way home that I don't go to often.  It is always so busy and you usually can't get a parking space, but on Wednesday I did.....

2 x 3lbs. Onions $1.49 ea.=$2.98
1 x Celery bunch=.99¢
Total....$3.97 OOP

I was down to my last 2 onions and needed more.
The celery will go into my macaroni salad for the cookout on the 4th.

Then it was off to Weis(PMITA)Markets for other needs for my cookout menu.
I won't bore you with photos and the long laundry list but everything I bought was on sale or a loss leader this week.

For the cookout I bought 2 chips($1.77), 2 cukes($1), 3 peppers($1), 2 cool whip($1) and 2 graham cracker pie crusts($1).  I have the other ingredients to make 2 cherry cheesecake pies for the picnic.
The soda was 5 for $12 at Weis so even though I bought soda at Target earlier this week, I bought 5 more 12 packs.  Included in the soda was Polar brand seltzer so I got 2 of those amongst the 5 packs.  Plus II had a $1/2 Polar packs ManuQ so my 5 packs came to $11 instead.

Non-cookout needs I also picked up......1 sirloin steak sticker discounted to $3.33(almost a full lb. of meat), 2 bags of fresh veggies 50% off(for tonight's dinner), a jar of Vlasic pickles ($1 after Q), 2 bags of Croutons(.75¢ ea. after Q), 2 gallon jugs of zero peach Arizona tea(my favorite)for $1.77 ea.(I may go back for more of those as it NEVER goes this low!).

Rounding out the bill was 1 bottle of Sparkling Ice brand soda(on sale for $1 and I'll get that back as it's the full refund item on Saving Star this week)and 4 bananas(with will get me 20% of that purchase back at Saving Star this week as well).
Spend $41.91(.72¢ tax)and saved $42.53 with sales/Qs so just over a 50% savings rate.

Except for more tea and the corn I need to pick up on Friday or Saturday morning I am done shopping for the week.  I am up to $62 + change spent for July at this point($25 of which was purely for the cookout).

I got a bag of these chips at Weis for when eldest son gets here.....

They are made with hot sauce made with beer.....two of his favorite things! lolz
I need to hide them for another week+ as he is suppose to be here next Friday.

Next week I have my eye surgery and then eldest son arrives that weekend so I won't be food shopping much at all next week.  I foresee a few nights of take-out while I am out of commission if no one else steps up and cooks.

How is your shopping going this week?
How much do you spend on July 4th picnics?
Do you buy ahead on sale for some of your picnic needs?




  1. I am not sure what we will do. On Memorial Day we planned nothing, then ran out to the store at noon and got a bunch of stuff. Recently I have fallen out of the store-only spending and have said, "Can I have lots of ketchup?" (or mayo or Zesty Sauce) at the drive-through window a few too many times.

    Were you offended by those tales of "fun" at Mrs. Adams' house? I haven't heard from you since. Keep in mind I was not responsible in any way for the vials in the attic. I had a hand in FINDING them, but I did not put them there.

  2. So far I am $4.99 cents in the grocery game for July. We have no major events until the end of the month, so I am trying to make this a very cost effective month. July 4th is actually great for me this year. I had a huge turkey and 2 gigantic Boston butts in the freezer that are smoking away. I have chips bought a little while back on a BOGO sale and I have both commercial and homemade bbq sauce galore. (Seems that every corporate gift basket TheHub received last Christmas had some kind of signature BBQ sauce in it) I have potatoes that need to be cooked so I will have potato salad. I could get industrious and make buns but I will probably buy them and a head of cabbage for cole slaw. Brownies will most likely be the dessert but I have all the ingredients on hand. I guess 4 dollars will be my OOP expenses for the 4th. Not bad, plus I am using stuff from the freezer that needs to be used.

  3. You and CTMOM keep mentioning these DT Pot stickers. I think I need to try them!

  4. Wish I was attending your cookout. Sounds like a great time will be had by all.

    I am so glad you are getting your second cataract surgery done. Hopefully you will be up and around quick after that one. I was released to drive the day after my second one and took myself to the hairdresser on the third day.

    Happy 4th of July!

  5. We are not doing anything special for the 4th here. It has been raining so much here and most all of the fireworks displays have been cancelled. I hope you have a wonderful 4th though and enjoy yourself immensely. :)


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