Monday, July 14, 2014

Midwest Trip Bucket List *UPDATE*

Do y'all like my new necklace??

I have finished up DAY FOUR of my trip and here is what I have crossed off my "To Do" List.......

Go see something historic in Pittsburgh
Go to a Trader Joe's(never been in one)
*  Go have alcoholic milk shakes(again).
Go to World Market
Go have Afternoon Tea
*  Go swimming
*  Eat Cheese Curds
*  Visit at least 1 Brewery...ok, maybe 2 or 5
*  Go see some movies....Tammy.....Chef.....Begin Again.......or ?
*  Eat some local cheese, brats, fried pork tenderloin sammiches, strange Scandinavian concoctions, etc.
Go to liquor stores and buy beverages we can't get here
*  Go to a parade
*  Learn to play the bagpipes
*  Go to a county fair
*  Go to Chicago for the day by train
*  Eat at Fabio's restaurant
*  Visit the World's Largest Truck Stop
*  Go see the Largest Lutefisk in the World

I have also added these things to my list.......

Eat at Primanti Bros.
Eat local ice cream
Buy "Naughty" Novelties
Go Thrifting
Spend way too much money

Who knows what today will bring?
Certainly not I!



  1. From afar, I thought it said "Dreaming in progress" and thought "aww, how nice". Then I paid attention, haha. When you visit Chicago, PICS PLEASE!

    1. Tania,
      I have cataracts and see all sorts of things wrong.

  2. I could have used that necklace yesterday...

  3. What? No naughty novelty photos? Don't you want to cheer me up? Actually, your posts always give me a smile:)

    1. Aw, thanks love! I'll save the naughty pictures for later.....

  4. Looking good! Love the necklace!

    Peace <3

  5. Replies
    1. I have something with roses and cranberries and then something coconut, a dark tea....very yummy!

  6. Replies
    1. It was ok.....I have discovered I am NOT a fan of French fries On my sandwich. lolz

  7. Wow! You've crossed off a LOT on your list already!!!

    1. I am working on it......Not crossing much off the next 2.5 days tho.

  8. It sounds like a success so far! And sounds like a fun time!


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