Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well I made it back home yesterday around 5:30pm last night.
I had to make a stop in Berwick PA to the Grocery Outlet and get some grocery deals....since I was driving right by it practically.

I had all this room left in the car now, since dropping off 35 bottles of beers in assorted sizes for my son in Pittsburgh and I knew Hubs did little, if any, grocery shopping while I was gone the last 16 days.

Please give me a few days before expecting me to start posting regularly again.
After all, I have tons of stuff to put away, a house to clean, a mountain of laundry to do(mostly MINE!), groceries to buy, meals to plan and eventually cook, blogs to get caught up on reading and a pile of digital photos from the trip to well as my post-trip funk to get through.

Just a few things I need to attend to, right?

I will share this photo with y'all in the meantime--

This was Sonya Ann's attempt at a group "selfie" on the night before I blew outta Illinois.
Notice that her son and DH and I are IN(well parts of us are in) the photo and she is NOT.

Yah, she REALLY doesn't like having her picture took.......

Back as soon as I am able.
Talk quietly amongst yourselves until then.



  1. Glad you're home safe and sound Sluggy!

  2. She is a crafty one that Sonya Ann. Get some rest and I will wait, impatiently but ....

  3. The only part I don't like about travelling is unpacking/catching up with life at home part. Make sure you have a chilled one waiting for you at the end of the day (hopefully you didn't just bring a bunch of liquor for others back!)

  4. Glad you are home safely! It sure sounds like it was a great trip all the way around.

    Peace <3

  5. Yes, I am crafty! LOL
    I love that picture. And I want a copy of the one that Den took. Miss you.

  6. what a great trip/adventures you had! I know where the grocery outlet is in berwick...

  7. I kept questioning as I looked at the photo...selfie of Sonya Ann? and ??? and then I read. Does she know the meaning of selfie?

    It puts me in a funk that you get in a funk. But you are back to your own bed, safe and sound. Hurry up and relax and get those pics out. I stole Sonya Ann's fence while you were gone.

  8. Well at least Sonya Ann got all the good parts of y'all! And I'm sure once you're done photo-editing you'll have a couple of Sonya Ann you can share :) Welcome home sluggie - I hope to follow in your footsteps someday!

  9. Yup. It's nice to be home! Fun trip! Thanks for sharing.

  10. That's an amazing selfie! I apparently was quite buzzed at dinner last week in Las Vegas, and discovered that not only did I take a bathroom selfie, I posted it on Facebook. THE SHAME! My sister will never let me forget it, and I tagged her in it. Classic.

  11. Glad you made it home safely!


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