Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Here!

Just a quickie to let everyone know I am not dead yet(but alas, still pining for the fjords).
I made it to Illinois yesterday despite the monsoon I drove through in Indiana.

As proof I am in the Midwest now, I offer up this photo as evidence......

Yep, that's my little car making like a large lawn ornament in Sonya Ann's front yard.

I am feeling rough this morning....oh heck! it's almost NOON here......feeling rough this afternoon then.

We are heading out for some shenanigans adventures shortly.
I'll report in later when we return if I am still sober.



  1. Your car looks pink. I thought it was purple. ??? Have fun. How do I know that really is Illinois grass?

  2. whoa, you can't find the driveway...must be the beer. :)

  3. Have fun - we all know there will be no second post today lol :)

  4. pining for the fjords are you? Beautiful plumage have you?

  5. Haha, have lots of fun, and lots of sleep. I hear that helps when you can't find the driveway late at night.


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