Monday, July 21, 2014

Frugal on the Road

I stayed at a motel last night here in Missouri.

They had a really nice breakfast too.
Not just carb loaded pastries and waffles, etc. which is the norm for these inexpensive motels I prefer to stay at when traveling.
They served fruit(2 kinds!), yogurt, hardboiled eggs, scrambled eggs and link sausages.

Of course they had all those bread products(8 varieties)too, as well as hot and cold cereals, and sausage gravy for your biscuit.

So after eating my eggs, sausage and yogurt, and drinking my Earl Grey tea, I fixed a plate to take with me on the road later today......

What you are looking at is my dinner for tonight.
Yep, this is about the first thing I've done on this road trip that is frugal. '-)

I have a cooler with me so I took 2 yogurts(which I can keep cold), 2 slices of wheat  bread, 2 tiny tubs of jam and peanut butter and a banana.

Dinner will be yogurt, fruit and a pbj sammie either along the road or once I get to the next motel tonight.
This meal will help me save the $15 or so I would have had to spend on dinner out.

That means I have $15 more to spend on "adult beverages".......

What are your frugal travel tips?



  1. Some of the hotels have lunches you can take with you. That might be something to look into if you travel again.

  2. Brilliant! Of course, the hotel staff would wise up to me when I take the whole loaf of bread and all their yogurt to feed the small armies I travel with...

  3. That is how Hubby and I travel! Well, the taking our own food part. Not all the drinking. LOL!

  4. When we went to Florida or New York, I took boiled eggs, bananas, apples, bread, peanut butter, jelly, graham crackers. We ate this on the road and for breakfast. Lunch was fast food and dinner was in a restaurant.

    This is for a week long trip and staying in one motel in Florida. We bought a gallon of milk before we got to a motel and fashioned a cooler in the room. We took a new can liner and used it in the trash can and put the milk in there. My son reveled in the fact we let him go to the ice machine alone. Now, I cringe at this! Anyway, we filled the cooler with ice each morning and had milk for the whole day, not just breakfast. We did not need to take a cooler.

    Going to New York was a two-day trip, so we only took five boiled eggs and ate them that day, along with part of the fruit and stuff. My kids would see a McD sign along the interstate and start yelling like we did not see it also. I said Yes, husband said NO. MY ploy was, "Yes. Hey, let's eat this half apple (or banana)." Then, they would not be so ravenous and break the bank. AND, they actually ate fruit! They were so thrilled that they ate the fruit with no complaints at all that they weren't hungry for fruit. So that we would not have to stop to pee every ten minutes for the next hour, they would only have milk with the McD. I put a splash of my Coke in the milk and they were happy.

  5. I normally pack sandwiches. Simple ones, like just ham and cheese and pack with gel ice packs. I take condiments in little containers, or get prepackaged ones from restaurants. At the very beginning of my travel days I would make fancy chicken Caesar wraps, but those are long gone... ham and cheese sandwiches ftw.


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