Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Hers!

My Daughter sent me this photo from Facebook last week.
She finally closed on the house only 7 weeks later than planned.

Daughter is now a homeowner!

So I can now share photos of the house she bought.
The house is almost 2100 sq. ft.
4 bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms.
It's as big as MY house! lolz

Here's the front.....

The living room with built in tv/book cabinet and fireplace.....

The kitchen.  There is a pass through from the dining/living area to the kitchen, through which I shot this picture.  The stove is off the photo to the left and the fridge and cabinets are off to the right.

This shows the dining area and the pass-through/breakfast bar into the kitchen....

The dining area.  The area through the doorway is to the addition-a bathroom & a bedroom.....

One of two bedrooms, identical in size.....

The guest bathroom by the 2 bedrooms.....

The bedroom in the addition.  This is my room when I visit.

and the addition's 3/4 bathroom.....

The master bedroom.  They are putting new carpet down and repainting before they move in....

the walk-in closet in the master bedroom....

The master bathroom......

The other side of the master bathroom with huge storage closet.....
To the left of the toilet there is also a shower.

The mudroom with washer/dryer hook-ups.....

The other side of the mudroom with the back door and electric panel....

The backyard.  It goes back to the shrubbery and the fence there.  Lots of large shade trees.

Backyard looking to the right side of the property.  Property line is where the tree is in the middle of the shot.

The back porch.  The door to the right in the back of the porch is the addition's door so it has a separate entrance.

In the back of the yard to the right side of the property is a large shed with electricity.  Daughter's BF can run his side business from that building.

Another shot of the front with a nice shade tree.  You can see how far away the neighbor's house is.  The lot is nice and square-ish in dimension, instead of rectangular so there is lots of space between them and their neighbors.

Property taxes in LA are quite low compared to many parts of the country.  Even so, Daughter won't even have to pay hardly any property taxes since there is a Homestead Exemption in LA for the first $75K in property value you own.   The house is valued at around $100K.   Under $200 a year for property taxes?
Yes please!

We gifted her a large chunk of her college money to buy this...up to the IRS limit we can gift per year, since she isn't using it for college.

Then we floated her a personal loan with interest for the remainder of the cost of the house.
She will be paying up back over the next 10 years with interest.

That makes her "mortgage" about $200 a month which she'll split with her BF.  After 10 years, she'll own this property outright.

Daughter has decided we aren't such bad parents after all. lolz

Once you pay off your own mortgage and start accumulating wealth, you can spend your money on paying for college and helping your kids buy homes, instead of making bankers and loan companies wealthy paying them interest.  ;-)




  1. Congratulations - sounds like an awesome deal all around!

  2. Awesome! so glad for her to FINALLY have this settled.

  3. Her yard is beautiful. Trees do that to me! Electrified she is great. And, there looks like lots of potential for the yard and future children. I hate having my neighbor's house slammed against mine. It would be illegal to build it where it stands or rebuild it if it burned. If it weren't just pain wicked and I thought it would work, I would pray it burned.

    Her house is so large that it is more than a starter home and can handled an expansion of her family. It clearly won't need any additions. I am proud you have your own room.

    I guess your daughter knows you are on her side and not deliberately trying to ruin her life. No, never heard she said that, but it seems to be a common complaint amongst some children.

  4. What a nice house! How old is she? And were you able to gift her the $ since she decided against college? *I'm fairly new to your blog, don't know the background story. And a $200/month mortgage! Wowza!

  5. YAAAAAAYYY!!!! Congratulations! That's great news! The place looks great! So much room. That's awesome!

  6. This is GREAT! It has been said that there is no better path to personal wealth than homeownership, so she is on her way! It's also great that you were able to help her make this a reality, both financially and with the wisdom of knowing how to buy a house.

    Good for all of you!

    Peace <3

  7. Our house had a $192/month mortgage, the only reason I have kept my heard barely above water and finally paid off my house. Ten years beats thirty years!

  8. That is a huge house! Congratulations to your daughter!!

  9. Looks GREAT! Congrats to your daughter!

  10. Congrats to your daughter! And congrats to you and your hubby for being able to help her make her dream a reality.

  11. congratulations!!!!!!!!!


  12. You both are AWESOME parents. What a wonderful gift and its great that she thinks that you aren't so bad anymore. LOL
    I would frame the first picture and set it out somewhere.

  13. What Sonya said, that's a super awesome thing to do for your kids! Glad it finally closed... 7 weeks?! Ugh. You'd think they want to just take the money and run! Many congrats to her.


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