Sunday, July 20, 2014

Midwest Road Trip Update

Do you wanna guess what this thing is that I ate on Saturday?

I have finished up DAY ELEVEN of my trip and here is what I have crossed off my "To Do" List.......

Go see something historic in Pittsburgh
Go to a Trader Joe's(never been in one)
*  Go have alcoholic milk shakes(again).
Go to World Market
Go have Afternoon Tea
*  Go swimming
Eat Cheese Curds
Visit at least 1 Brewery...ok, maybe 2 or 5
*  Go see some movies....Tammy.....America....Chef.....Begin Again.......or ?
*  Eat some local cheese, brats, deep fried candy bars, fried pork tenderloin sammiches, strange Scandinavian concoctions, etc.
Tour a historic house
Go to liquor stores and buy beverages we can't get here
Go to a parade
*  Learn to play the bagpipes
Go to a county fair
*  Go to Chicago for the day by train
*  Eat at Fabio's restaurant
*  Visit the World's Largest Truck Stop
Go see the Largest Walleye Fish in the World

I have also added these things to my list.......

Eat at Primanti Bros.
Eat local ice cream
Buy "Naughty" Novelties
Go Thrifting
Go to Church and don't spontaneously combust
Spend way too much money

The list is getting longer by the day.

Only 5 more Days to go before I get home.
Home is sounding real good about now but I am still having fun!

More later......



  1. is that a new orleans special donut

  2. A Monte Cristo sandwich or a fried candy bar? You got stinking drunk and went to church?

    Wanting to learn to play bagpipes on vacation has me stymied. Has this been a long term desire, or did you just decide to throw it in to make us wonder.

    In the South we have county fairs in the fall. Do they have them in the summer up North?

    Curious minds want to know. Yes, I have been puzzling over your plans.

  3. Woah! That's a mountain of powdered sugar. Well, they look like poonchkies, but it's the wrong time of year. Looks like some bacon peeking out of the right one. Naw, couldn't be. Could it?

  4. Head back this way and you can swim in my pool and we can catch the train. You can't end the trip with things still on the list!

    1. You know I would but I am NOT running the Chitown Skyway gauntlet again during this trip! lolz

  5. They look like donuts! Now, darn you, I want a donut!


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