Monday, November 4, 2013

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Tired of Coming Up with Meals this Week" Edition.......
I had to get out of the house this weekend as I was going stir crazy.  Hubs and I went to Ollies(Good Stuff Cheap!)and looked at all their Holiday stuff as I haven't been in Ollie's since the Summer.  I bought this Holiday CD for $4.99....I don't usually spend that much on them but what can I say?.... I love me some Harry Connick, Jr.
It's not even December but I did play it already.
Good stuff! 8-))

Here are the meals that were planned last week--
Sunday--Clam Chowder
Monday--Tacos(I'll probably have a chicken sandwich and a part of a bag of frozen veggies.)
Wednesday--Lasagna, Salad
Friday--London Broil, Asparagus
Everything was eaten as planned except the London Broil was served with a Tossed Salad(didn't get to the store with the sale on asparagus)and Brussel Sprouts were served with the Lasagna.  

As for food spending last week.....there were 4 trips to the store and I spent $98.78 on $162.58 worth of groceries at 3 stores.
I have $301.22 left in my November food budget.

Leftovers going into this week--1 bratwurst(I put it into the freezer for later), leftover chicken pieces, carrots and potatoes, taco fixings, lasagna and London broil.  So many leftovers that I shouldn't have to cook but 3 days this week.
Go me! lol
I am not planning a meal around the leftover taco stuff since #2 Son will probably end up devouring that over the next few days. ;-)

Here's this week's meal plan---

Sunday--Chinese Take-Out  Treating ourselves tonight
Monday--Mushroom Alfredo shells with leftover London Broil, Spinach Salad(Hubs is craving pasta)
Tuesday--Baked Fish(in freezer) and crab cakes(freezer), coleslaw, some veggie(freezer)
Wednesday--Lasagna(leftover-then the rest gets put into the freezer for later)
Thursday--Chicken Pot Pie(using leftover chicken, carrots, potatoes + fresh broccoli)
Friday--maybe Domino's pizza using one of my free coupons + a big salad for me
Saturday--leftovers or something scrounged around the house

What I need to purchase for this menu?......cabbage for slaw, some milk and fruit.  I'm going to buy a rotisserie chicken at Weis(on special $3.99 this week)and slice that up for my lunch sandwiches.  I bought mushrooms and spinach salad last week.
I still need to spend about $125 in the next 2 weeks to get a Thanksgiving gift certificate at the Shursave market.   So I might buy some things ahead this coming week(baking goods mostly and some to use the next week plus fresh produce that will not go bad in the few 2 weeks).
I'm going to try to keep the spending to $80 this week.

What got fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Let's see...last night was spiced, steamed shrimp. With butter.
    Tonight was lemon chicken stir fry and rice (leftovers for lunch).
    Tomorrow is slow cooker beef stew (already fixed, will start cooking in the morning - this will give me at least 2, probably 3 lunches).
    Wednesday is spaghetti with Italian sausage/marinara/mushroom sauce (also 2 extra lunches).
    Thursday dinner might be one of those lunches since we're running out of week for lunches.
    Friday is a banquet - buffet that cost $15 for everything including dessert and drinks.
    The weekend awaits!

    Peace <3

  2. Sluggy,
    I was wondering if you're watching PR All Stars and what you think of it so far. I'm not loving AM as the host. She's a little too Mommie Dearest for me.

    1. Of course I am watching All-Stars! lol
      I am not a fan of AM either. What qualifies her to be a fashion expert anyway? Oh wait....must be because she did a "line" of women's clothing with sports emblems on them.....right! 8-))
      She is sort of Joan Crawford-ish now that I think about it. lolz
      I miss Heidi and Michael Kors. PR hasn't been the same since MK left...sniff, sniff


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