Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rolling the +Up Rewards on Monday & Black Friday Mania...Not!

Here's how I rolled my $8 in +Ups on Monday.....

1 x Pudding on sale=$1.00
2 x Wyler's drink powder on sale $1 but 20% discount made them .80¢=$1.60
2 x Nail Polish on sale $2.50 but 20% discount made them $2.39=$4.78
2 x Chocolates 20% discount made them .40¢=$.80

I used my $8 +Ups....
$8.18-$8.00=$.18 OOP

I received $8 in +Ups back($5 nail polish & $1 each for 3 food items).

I went in planning on doing the Blue Diamond Almonds x 2($4.00)and the Beef Jerky x 2($4.00)for stocking fillers, but they were out of all the food items that are free after +Ups except for the Wyler's drinks mixes and the Pudding.  I've maxed out on the limit of the pudding/ravioli, drink mixes and this particular brand of nail polish deals.

So I got rain checks and will hope the nuts and jerky come back into stock before Dec. 15th(when I need to mail a package).  And they were out of the oatmeal cups too so I'll get a rain check on that as well.

The only thing left of the $30.99 of freebies after +Ups I want is a body spray/parfume for $3.00.
I'll probably do that and the toothbrushes or toothpaste later today(thought the brushes won't be free but almost)when I go out for a dr. appt. and then I am done at Rite-Aid until the Black Friday sales hit and I can get more free or real cheap toiletries.

I don't go out to "real stores" on BF or that whole weekend usually because the only things they have deep sales on are things I don't want/can't use.

BF as far as I can see from perusing the ads is all about televisions, electronics, smart phones, appliances, overpriced jewelry, pajamas and kid's clothing, movies & cds, holiday food "gifts" or junk food and of course TOYS and whatever the HOT "must have" gizmo of the year/season is(which is usually an electronic gizmo or game system).

I no longer have young kids.....I HAVE a tv, have a "dumb" phone, appliances & jewelry.
Don't want most of what they are hawking or need ANY of those things enough to get up before dawn & fight crowds.

I will confess that I did venture into KMart about 10 years ago, the first time they opened ON Thanksgiving for a few hours to get my youngest some handheld game system thingy.  That was a year they were hard to find(sold out everywhere)and it was his main desire, so after I got the turkey in the oven I went down to KMart and bought it for him and headed straight home.  No browsing around to look at all the rest of the shiny baubles, I was on a mission. lol

The only other time we did the BF shopping thing was as a family when all the kids were younger and still living at home.  Hubs had BF day off from work(VERY rare!)so we picked up the nephew and took the kids out shopping as a family at the outrageously early hour of 10am. lolz
No crowds and no hassles as all the crazy shoppers had left the building and were home napping.
We leisurely meandered around stores looking for a few items and the kids did their Christmas shopping for family and friends.
Then we went to Bob Evans for a late lunch together and headed home.
Yes, we are a zany, crazy family....what can I say??

After the Mad Holiday Shopping Frenzy is over with, what I do want to buy is this.....

But that desire can wait until next week and maybe they will go on sale too. 8-)




  1. I don't have time for Black Friday. That's typically our family reunion, so I'm swamped that day anyway.
    Usually don't have the cash at that time either!

  2. My heart still desires a full sized leg lamp. I want it, NO I need it. Those suckers are expensive.
    I haven't done BF in years. And I am so grateful that I don't have to chase down any special toys anymore.

  3. Us Canadians need an interpreter for that post lol - +UPS?? BF?? (first I thought you were meaning Boy Friend but that didn't make any sense!!) That being said I am SO glad my daughter is 23 - she can go shop for herself! (and she does...over and over again!)

  4. I have a leg lamp night light. I LOVE it!

    No Black Friday shopping here either.


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