Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ring Dem Bells!

Well I was going to save this until after Thanksgiving but it's gone viral so to remain timely, here it is.

I predict an increase on Joe Boxer sales this Holiday Season.......lol....


This one is good but not as good as that "Ship your Pants" ad campaign....


Or the follow-up, the Big Gas Savings ad......


And then there is always this gem about Layaways....



  1. I have seen them all before, but now I can find them to show exbf. Plus, I don't have to google the Joe Boxer one. It is so funny that it deserves several plays in a row. If a person needs laughter for healing, I would recommend the Joe Boxer for hearty laughs. Okay, so maybe that is just me. LOL

  2. Love the Joe Boxer One and ship my pants. Haven't seen the others before. too funny!

  3. I have only seen the first of these videos on line but not on TV. Southern Calif seems to be just about out of K-Marts so perhaps the commercials are not shown here. Or I may have missed them That is entirely possible as I never sit down and WATCH TV I am a tv listener. Don't get me wrong .... I have the tv on probably 40% of the time but I almost never sit down and watch. I'm guessing that many of us who spend a lot of time on line have similar viewing habits.

    If we are voting .... the shipping vid is my favorite.

  4. Gotta give it to K-mart; it's a big gamble, and they are "publicly upsetting" a lot of people (who internally laugh at the commercial and continue going to K-mart anyway, but not before posting online about them being upset and how this is an outrage). I applaud them on their efforts once again. I've only shopped at K-mart a handful of times (because it's too far from me and I really don't shop), but more power to them.

  5. I'm an Evangelical and even I can admit those kmart ones are hilarious. How can that even offend people??

  6. We don't have KMart anymore, but sure love the commercials!


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