Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This is a Joke, Right? lol

Broken heating system, lows in the 20's last night and I wake up to this!?!

Ugh and double Ugh.

It would be prettier if the house was warmer. lol

I woke up yesterday feeling depressed.....I hate that!
I am just feeling overwhelmed with what I want to get done and feeling like I have nothing to look forward to lately.
No fun trips ahead, nobody coming to visit me to distract me.  No kids coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas yet from where they are, they do reach out to share their troubles with me, so I get all the bad/stressful things about being a parent but none of the joys.

And I just have a body that won't do what I want to do so I can get things done.
Getting old sucks.

And I don't seem to have an blogging mojo either lately.
Somebody please send me a big box of that willya? ;-)

Oh, and somebody inquired about whether we have any heat on my last post.....we have a combined ceramic storage heating system with a plain old baseboard electric system that came with the house.  5 rooms have the storage heat and the other bedrooms,  baths and downstairs hallway have the baseboard.  As the ceramic units have died through the years we have replaced them with electric baseboard(though the kitchen and living room units have died we haven't replace them yet).  So the mini-split HVAC system is an additional heating source for us, not the only source.  A mini-split can't be used as a primary source in this part of the country as it's too cold, maybe down South it would be enough on the heating end of things.  We figured when we went to put this system in for a/c that we might as well get the heat too(since it cost almost the same price for either just a/c or both a/c and heat), plus it would add value to the house having an auxiliary heating source.

Off to feed the doggies and then get ready to hobble off to the Podiatrist....IF I can find their office.



  1. We woke up to that white stuff today too, but at least I had heat. Right now the house is about -10 as the patio doors are wide open so that the guys installing our new floors can go outside to access their saw. They are right over my head banging away. I turned the furnace off as why heat the outside?? I have a little electric heater so I'm pretty toasty. The house is a disaster with all the furniture stored in the bedrooms on the 2nd floor and I can't get into the kitchen for all the tools. Waaaaaaaah! Is your electric heat working at least??

  2. when i get into moods like this, i plan a vacation. a dream vacation. like somewhere in the carribean. fully contained and with my own cabana boy. he'll bring me pina coladas when i snap my fingers. i'll wake up to a great french breakfast with authentic croissants flown in to me from paris. my only daily chore is to put on my bathing suit. i get a 2 hour massage daily and an endless assortment of chocolate truffles to keep me occupied. when i'm on the beach, a local will show me the fish he caught that morn and cook it for my lunch, right on the beach. he'll cut a pineapple and stick a straw in a fresh cut coconut.
    in the evening is dancing to the hint of a soft reggae band. the food is divine and served piping hot, just the way I like it. afterwards is french pressed coffee and creme brulee. no worries about gaining weight. i swim with the dolphins and work on my tan.
    no worries. no bills. no house cleaning. no laundry. no meal planning or preparation. just the warmth of the sun and a comfy spot on the chaise lounge. and oh yes. my little cabana boy. and the miles and miles of that creamy white beach sand.
    by this time, I'm fully relaxed. then i look at what the whole vacation will cost me and politely say 'no thanks'.
    my dreaming here is done.
    (tell me honestly, don't you feel a bit better?)

  3. Yes, it does suck getting older. Things stop working, get blurry, hair sprouts where there was none previous and there are far more things to do in a day than energy for. What the heck!

  4. I had what I (un)fondly like to call the bad luck karma spiral two weekends ago. First off, flat tire. Late for babysitter. The rush made me forget to pay her. Remembered the next morning. Took the kids on a bike ride to her house. Crashed off of my bike. Smashed my head on sidewalk, shattered bike helmet. Tore a lot of skin off my elbow. Eternally grateful for my helmet. Had to ride 3 miles back home, pretending all was well for the sake of the kids. One child got a flat tire. Had to carry his bike, and my own. Blood dripping from injury.

    Came home, handed the kids off, took a bath & went to bed. Woke up the next day to go to work at 6:30, took our spare car, & noticed a screw sticking out of our tire. Yes, two flat tires in one three day period.

    Now, however, I'm on a bit of an upward spiral (rented out our house in Washington *hurrah*, so sharing some good mojo with you!!

  5. It's 23 F degrees here and NO heat whatsoever. But, I am not suffering from bronchitis and not throwing up from the antibiotic. This is not to say I am perfectly happy or content, just overjoyed to be able to breathe right. I was getting winded going to the car and just thought it was all about getting older. Oh, I caught another rat today and found one that I electrocuted several weeks ago.

    I am so cold I could just die. I am saving a load of clothes for the dryer, dishwasher running, and baking sweet potatoes for tomorrow in hopes of introducing a bit of heat into the house and still gain something--cooked food, dried clothes, and clean dishes.

    I have no mojo that is not frozen like a popsicle.

    And, I think this weather calls for another blanket on the bed. I need a heater!

    Hawaii Planner, that sounds rough!

  6. Oh Sluggy, I'm sending ((((hugs)))) to you. I was in Funky Town not to long ago, remember? Things will turn around. You've done so many nice things for people that good karma is sure to come your way. When things start to go wrong, it feels like everything is going wrong, but eventually it gets better.

  7. I lub you! Plan a trip to come see me. I would say I will come get you but we are having some car problems. But I have heat. I have probably jinxed it.

  8. That is too cool! SNOW! That's so awesome, haha. Sorry that your day got up to a rough start.


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