Monday, November 11, 2013

And It Just NEVER Stops Sometimes....

Well, the verdict on the new heating/cooling system is that the compressor is defective.
Leave it to us to get one built on a Monday(the day most defective things are made).

So now we are in Waiting Mode.....waiting to see if they can find another of this compressor in a warehouse somewhere(that would be good!)or if they have to wait for one to be shipped from the Far East(that would be very bad).
No clue when we will hear about an arrival date for the part and an even bigger no clue on when we will have a functioning heating/cooling system.

And it's suppose to get down to 22 degrees tonight, plus we had SNOW and HAIL last Friday.
Nice. 8-(

#2 Son's Marching Band season officially came to an end Sunday when they competed in the Championships.  They placed 6th in a field of 16.
Go Comets!

One of my eBay auctions ended and something sold for a lot less than I hoped it would go for.
And I am still waiting for her to pay me for it.
Double bleh.

I have my podiatrist appointment tomorrow and hopefully he has some ideas to get my feet shipshape.  So think good thoughts on that!

And about half an hour ago, look at what came out of my mouth.....

A crown on my back molar.

My dentist doesn't reopen until Wednesday but luckily she is meeting me at her office this evening to put this thing back where it belongs.
Counting the hours until the throbbing pain will go away and I can eat & drink again.

On second thought, if she doesn't fix this, I am guaranteed to lose weight without the hassle of dieting or expense of bariatric surgery!

Yep, it's always something around here.



  1. Your mouth, foot and furnace are a damned mess.

  2. I bet you wish you coulda skipped this Monday!! I've heard of some wacky diets before but yours takes the cake (or doesn't take the cake if you know what I mean!) Snuggle up tonight - it's gonna be a cold one!

  3. Oh Sluggy...what are you going to do to keep warm?

  4. Dang!! Horrible luck with the split system. At least you did not swallow the crown. That would have been super sucky!

  5. I have a crown on a front tooth and a fear of it coming off. Not that any ever have. But My dentist gave me some temporary cement to use in case it ever happens. I keep it in my purse. LOL!

    Hope Tuesday is better for you.

  6. OMG. No heat??? Now??? And sorry about that crown. I think things do truly suck for you right about now. I hope at least that crown can be stuck in OK.

  7. I hope some of your heat systems works. Just curious--did you not have a root canal in the tooth with the crown?

  8. What luck you're having. Sounds like you have a good dentist at least.

  9. Hope you can stay warm! It snowed here (IL ) tonight. I am not ready for it. It definitely sounds like you had a bad Monday. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  10. Come on down to philly, I don't have the heat on yet but it is warmer. It's funny(not funny funny but funny) anything we have purchased at sears for the last 10 years broke within a year so we just stopped having them do things. Hope your compressor is on its way

  11. Oh my sluggy you have had a time this past few months. By the way do not let Podiatrist talk you into expensive insoles they are worthless. Or show inserts or what ever they are touting.

  12. I'm so sorry about your tooth situation! I have nightmares about teeth issues...
    Hope you get warm soon!


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