Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rite-Aid on Wednesday

Here's what I got today......

2 x Colgate toothpaste on sale $3.50 but 20% disc. made it $3.43=$6.86
1 x Sinful nail polish $1.99 but 20% disc. made it=$1.59

I used a $1/2 Colgate toothpaste ManuQ(Sunday's inserts), making the subtotal $7.45.
I used $7 in +Up Rewards making my OOP .45¢ + .02¢tax=.47¢

I received back $7.99 in +Up Rewards(2 x $3 Colgate, $1.99 nail polish).

Then I bought some gift cards that are giving +Up Rewards this week with each purchase.
Can't show those as they are gifts.
Cash for these is coming out of the Christmas money but I get the +Ups to use in my food/toiletries budget.  I received $20 I +Ups for the gift cards.
I am up to $27.99 in +Ups.


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