Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recreating The Past

You know how a couple years ago it was all the rage to recreate a photo from a place you had been years or decades before and then superimpose the new photo of the location over the original?

Like in this Chevy commercial....

Or at this website HERE.

Well I sort of did that back in September on the Family Reunion trip when I revisited the "old home place".
Here is the same location in 2 photos, 51 years apart.....Summer of 1962, Fall of 2013.....

Sadly, only one of those folks is still with us today.
That would be me.....the littleest one in the group.

Maybe next year I can bring my daughter along and we can sit for a family portrait in that same spot. 8-)



  1. Pretty cool thing to do!
    Peace <3

  2. I have a few pictures I could do that with. That is cool that you could get to the location of the original picture.

  3. Very cool! I love that commercial btw.

  4. Hehe, isn't that impressive. Very cool indeed. I wish I could reproduce one photo, but the house has been sold many a times since it was taken 11 years ago.

  5. Awe!!! What a great idea! You better post the photo when you finally do it, with a comparison shot.


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