Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Year in Review 2010--Part II

No, I am not celebrating the New Year yet!
Mimi over at LIVING IN FRANCE is doing a Linky Thingy...don't ya like my use of technical terms?

Anyway, you are suppose to post your life's highlights from 2010.  This installment is covering April, May & June......and it's 2 weeks late so there is technically no Linky Thingy at the bottom, so you'll just get my post.
Sorry folks.

The Wellness + Program at Rite-Aid goes nationwide.  I already have earned my 20% off/Gold Level discount.  Living within a test market area sure helped me get a jump on that.lol

It snowed in April!

I reach my 600th post on the blog.  What is more amazing is that after 600 blog posts, I STILL have readers!

Did I mention it snowed here in late April yet?!

I did alot of decluttering and sending things off to Salvation Army.

I gleaned the stockpile and send alot of food off to the food bank too.

It freaking snowed here on April 27th!

I got alot of rebates sent off this month.

I gave out some awesome money advice.  Probably the best free advice I'll ever post.  If you missed it the first time, check it out HERE.

This is not freakin' Alaska!  How on earth can it SNOW on April 27th?!?!....that's only 2 weeks BEFORE Mother's Day....which is in MAY!  Whatever happened to "April SHOWERS bring May Flowers"?  They meant RAIN Showers, ok?....not SNOW Showers for cripes sake!!

Now that Rite-Aid had everyone hooked, they became the long, slow pull-back on the Wellness coupons.   The $X off a $XX purchase coupons started decreasing in value or disappearing altogether.
The other Wellness high value on 1 item coupons turned into $1 off $10 beauty or snack or cold and cough, etc. purchase coupons.
I am NOT happy!

More decluttering and sending 'stuff' off to Sallies.  In the process I reveal that sort of weird stuff I use to buy.

More food bank donations, including HBA and paper products since the FB here takes those kinds of donations as well.

#1 son comes home from his first year of college.  It only takes him 1 week before I am ready for him to go back to school!

We go sell stockpile extras at the Flea Market again. 
We leave with 13 boxes of items and come home with 6 boxes and almost $750.

I put #1 son to work on the Garden and get the soil ready to plant.

Hubs sister comes to stay for a week.  With 6 people in the house and 4 dogs, plus Hubs brother who shows up from SC briefly, it's just a rollicking good time at our house!
And I don't lie very well, do I?lol

Work continues on the garden and it finally gets planted.  Now the waiting, watering and weeding begins....

I take part in the Food Stamp Challenge over at Katy's Blog.  This runs the whole month of June.
Though I don't have much trouble feeding everyone and staying within the guidelines of the spending aspect, I do learn alot and think differently about how our culture views the food issues in this country.

The teens leave for camp.
Some of the teens come home after a few weeks and some don't(the ones who are working at camp).
They all have an awesome time and that sound you hear is the emptying of my bank account, but it is well worth the life experiences they receive.

Hubs opens the swimming pool for the season.  We instantly become very popular with friends and relatives.  Our popularity is inexplicably tied to the heat index.....I wonder why that is?!?

PART III is coming tomorrow or Thursday so I can get this finished before 2010 finishes.



  1. LOL! Great review! So your popularity is directly tied to the thermometer and pool temp?
    hmmm... You got an opening this summer for visitors?

  2. McVal--I'll see if I can fit you in...lolol

  3. I was just wondering....did you get any snow this year?


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