Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Penguins Love to Ski!

I was googling around last night after #2 son and I had a conversation about talented guitar players. (#2 plays the bass.)
He wanted to show me some YouTube clip of a guitarist who plays some awesome riffs.
We got to talking and one topic led to another and I in turn wanted to show him a clip of an old artist who was very popular in the French New Wave Music Movement back in the 1980's.

Since he is taking French in school and this guy sang in french(though he is Belgian and not French), I thought he might be interested in hearing some numbers.
I must say #2 wasn't very impressed.....and neither was I almost 30 yrs.

But I did find in my wanderings this cute clip to share.......
Believe it or not, this was only one of a number of these remakes of songs and they were a big hit in France and then Germany.

The title is "Me, I Love to Ski!"
You'll recognize the tune.....even if you can't speak
It's a cute clip.



  1. If your #2 son wants to see some youtubes of a most talented guitarist, let me recommend the son of one of my friends. Just go to youtube and search for Austin Leverdingen. There is one video that is in 2 parts because it is so long. Let me know what y'all think after you see him.

  2. ROFL - that was great!!! Thanks for posting it :) (of course, now I have that tune stuck in my head....)


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