Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Morning Christmas Quarterbacking

Like that quotable giant Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over until it's over."
And it's over.
Christmas that is....
It was lowkey and simplified.
I never set foot in a Mall or WalMart beforehand so I am calling it a Successful Holidays!lol

#2 son loved his Beatles CDs....

Daughter oohed and aaahed over her 'fake' Uggs I picked up at that ridiculously great sale at for $9.99!.....

And #1 son seemed to gush over the Jack Daniels Zippo lighter his SECRET SANTA gave him.....

And the belly laugh award does to Daughter's SECRET SANTA, who packaged her $20 bill inside an Austin Powers Penis Enlarger.....
Yes, it was INSIDE of the gag gift enlarger and she had to 'extricate' it, all the while voicing her protest with many "ewwww"s.lolol

Here are a few of the gifties Sluggy received.

From my SECRET SANTA(who turned out to be #1 son)

And from the Hubs......"the book that is not to be named"
If you are real nice to me McVal, I'll let you read it. ;-)

And also from #1 son/Secret Santa, I got this....
And I'll be sharing these pearls of human stupidity every day on the blog in the coming year.
I know all you readers are shivering with antici.......pation!

The BIL and Nephew came over for dinner mid afternoon.
I set out appetizers of crudities, cheese and sweet bologna cubes, crackers, chips, tortilla chips, salsa, 2 kinds of dip and a fruit plate.
After everyone mowed through that spread, I served Ravioli with Italian Sausage and Meatballs and homemade Sunday "Gravy", along with a very elaborate Salad and those TMF Pepperidge Farm rolls.
Many cookies and 2 kinds of pie followed later.

And here's the very full and happy crew.....

The day after Christmas we said goodbye to #1 son as he headed back to western PA on the bus.  He has a job for the 3 weeks before school starts up again so he was only home 1 week.  I miss him already.....

We basically just relaxed after he left and did a little cleaning up here and there.  Hubs knee was paining him, Daughter is still sick with some sinus-y crud and my sinuses aren't feeling very clear either so we took it easy.
We ate more pie and watched as the Blizzard of '10 headed up the coast toward us.  The snow started around here at approx. 3pm.  At around 6pm I realized I didn't get out and get my Sunday papers(coupons)yet!  So silly me headed out in the snow at 6pm to the newspaper box to get some papers.....but they only had 1 paper left, I had to drive 1 mile further and go to Rite-Aid!ack

Needless to say, Rite-Aid was empty except for me and the employees.
I quick grabbed a paper and a few other things and headed back home.
Hubs thinks I have lost what was left of my mind going out in that mess for coupons.

The roads were a mess and it was probably the worst part of the storm for us, since the plow trucks weren't out because it was a Sunday evening.
No other After-Christmas shopping for me on Sunday.  

We only received about 3 inches Sunday night and by late morning on Monday it was bright and sunny, but still cold as a witch's teat and windy.

East of us got dumped on, upwards of 2 feet of snow!  Even south of us in Philly got a big helping of it.
We got 3 measly inches.
My brother in southern VA got 18 inches.  That's a very rare thing down there.  He should have come up here to the mountain for Christmas to avoid it....crazy talk, right?lol

So what did everyone else get for Christmas?
Was Santa good to you??



  1. We lucked out and got only the cold windy part of the whole mess, which is just fine. You went out in the snow for your newspaper coupons?! You are a determined frugalista extraordinaire!

    I am most definitely looking forward to the 365 stupidest things ever said (I sure hope I'm not quoted in there somewhere - LOL!)

  2. Should I say it really why would anyone get me a Snuggie? A true desperato gift!

  3. Sluggy,
    It sounds like y'all had a lovely Christmas. My very favorite kind too--quiet and low key. We had a really nice time too. I got a camera, some yarn and other things for yarn. We surprised our daughters--got them both laptops at a really good price---you should have heard the silence then the big sighs. I loved it. We got a little over 6 inches of snow on Christmas day and into the next day.
    Hey, did you ever find out what happened to the RV? Ours has been missing from our yard for almost a month now--at the shop being checked over. I hope y'all get to feeling better. I left my Sunday paper at the end of the driveway until this morning--don't think I would have driven to get one though--guess that's why you are such a frugal saver and I'm not. Hope y'all have a wonderful week. Take care.

  4. I was bedbound on Christmas Eve when I awoke with a fever and aches, the day I had planned to do my Christmas celebrating most of the day in Birmingham at the antique collectibles shop where they were hold an open house with Christmas dinner, or so I was led to believe. I must be getting old because any other year I would have taken lots of fever reducer, sinus and chest meds, and trucked off down there in my finest. Christmas Day, was filled with happy memories of my babies. Two of my children called, so it was a beautiful day.

    See Alabama snow and read about my Christmas Day here at

    Sluggy, snow is a big deal here. I think I heard this was the first White Christmas ever.

    Here is more about Christmas memories I indulged in when in bed on Christmas day--

    But, I did not go out of the house from Thursday night until Sunday evening. Between the fever, aches, and 3" of snow, I was staying home. Oh, I traipsed through snow to care for the hens!

    Hey, I thought there were no coupons in the Sunday paper, so I did not buy one. ???

  5. Funny post. I noticed the trailer across the street isn't there. Did they read your post and decide to store it elsewhere?

  6. Pretty--I thumbed thru the Stupidest Quotes Calendar already and I think you are

    Marilyn--I agree...a Snuggie doesn't show much imagination...hey! wait a minute...I gave #1 son one of those last

    Sheila--Thanks for stopping by today! I can just see your girls when they saw those computers! What an awesome gift!!
    Still no word here on the missing RV across the street. Those people are pretty much hermits and never come out of their house so it's difficult to follow along w/what is going on. I hope your rv checks out aok at the shop!

    Practical--The best part of Christmas is being with loved ones, even if that means over the phone. Did your grandkids love their gifts you sent?
    I hope you feel better soon!
    PS. The only coupons Sunday were the P&G weekend is the BIG Coupon Sunday of the year! so be sure and get out then for your fix. ;-)

    Sunny--Hey, thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment today!
    Like I said previously, we have NO clue at the moment. It's either been repo-ed, storing with their parents or offsite at a storage facility or they sold it or the parents are borrowing it for an extended time. I'll investigate further come Spring when they emerge from their
    I doubt my blog posts would prompt them to store it elsewhere...if only, right?lol


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