Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chasing the 4 Day Extravaganza Sale at Rite-Aid.....Still Looking!

So Rite-Aid started a 4-Day mini Sale on Wednesday, or as they call it, their 4-Day EXTRAVAGANZA SALE. It runs Wednesday to Saturday of this week.

I hit the local store yesterday morning....
I did the Garnier Buy $30, Get a $10 +Up Rewards Deal.

I also got the $5 Maybelline +Up Reward so after Coupons and $5 in +Ups used to pay and $.20 put on my gift card, with $15 in +Ups received=$10 moneymaker for me.

Before I left the store I asked about the 4 Day Sale and the cashier ran and got me a 4-Day Flyer and said they just haven't gotten to putting out the specials for this sale yet. Since no items that were specific for just this sale were out, no signage was on the shelves yet either.

I checked out another Rite-Aid over by the grocery store I went to for milk and eggs in the afternoon. They had the 4-Day Flyers out by the door, but again, there was nothing that was special for this sale on the shelves yet(but there was a huge pallet wrapped in plastic of bins waiting to be stocked sitting in a main aisle). And nothing that was regular merchandise on the shelves already that was part of this sale was marked yet.
Looks like the 4-Day Sale is going to be a 3 or 2 Day Sale in these parts by the time the overworked employess get around to getting the signage/merchandise out.

I picked up some items anyway.....after all, it's Rite-Aid and I just had to, ya know?lol.....

2 Revlon Nail Polish $5.02 *
2 Bic Pen Packs $1.59ea. with wellness discount=$3.18
2 Colgate Toothpaste on sale $2.95=$5.90 **
1 Chloraseptic Spray on sale=$3.99
1 Airborne on sale=$4.99
SubTotal....$23.08 *

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $25=$5.00
2 x $3/1 Revlon nail polish WellnessQ=$6.00
2 x $1/1 Colgate Toothpaste ManuQ=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Chloraseptic item ManQ=$1.00
1 x $1.50/1 Airborne IPQ=$1.50
1 x $2/1 Airborne WellnessQ=$2.00
Coupons Total....$17.50

I used $5 in +Ups and put $.67 on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I received $13 in +Up Rewards back($4 wyb2 Revlon, $3 wyb 2 Bic, 2 x $2 Colgate, $1 Chloraseptic, $1 Airborne).
BIL also qualified for SCR #82 for $2.00.
Used $5+Ups, got $13 back & $2 rebate=$10 moneymaker.

* The Revlon nail polish was suppose to be BOGO 50%off, so 2 should have been $7.18.  But 1 rang up as a clearance item at $1.19, so the other item rang up at $3.83 which is my 20% wellness discount.  This was unexpected and made my pre-coupon total below $25 by almost $2.  I noticed and was looking for something to throw onto my bill as I handed the cashier the coupons, but before I could she just started scanning them quickly.  I tried to tell her I needed to add something to use the $5 off coupon but she waved me off and it rang up anyway.  Well, I
If you want to know the clearanced polish color was called "Gold Get Em".

** Though the Colgate Toothpaste was on sale for $2.99, the 20% off wellness price made it lower at $2.95, so I received that price instead.

After dinner I ran back up the street to see if they put out the Pistachios yet.
That was a big nope!
So I got....didn't see that one coming now, did ya?lol.....

1 Pot of Gold Chocolate Box=$3.99
2 Tugaboos Diaper packs=$1.58
6 Hershey Candy bags(2 Kisses/2 Reese's/2 Miniatures)on sale $2 ea.=$12.00 ***
2 Purex 3-in-1 Sheets Detergent on sale bogo=$7.99

Coupons totaled $22.00.
I used $3 in +Up Rewards and put the $.56 on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I received back $5 +Up Rewards(3 x $1 for every 2 bags of candy, $2 Pot of Gold Choccies)=$5.
The Purex purchase also qualified for SCR #50(available this week only!)=$1.00
Spent $3+Ups, got $5+Ups back & $1 SCR=$3 moneymaker.

***Ok, this Hershey's Candy Deal is sweet because if you have the right coupons, you can get 6 bags for $1 after +Up Rewards!

Check it out....
Buy 2 bags each of Kisses, Reese's and Miniatures.
Total at $2 a bag is $12.00
Now use these coupons.....
$1/2 Reese's VV/AdPerks Q
$1/2 Kisses VV/AdPerks Q
$1/2 Miniatures VV/AdPerks Q
That makes your total $9.00
Then use...
2 Buy2Get1Free any Hershey's Candy ManuQ(from last Sunday's inserts)
That takes off the price of 2 of the bags, so your total is now $5.00
Then use....
1 $1/2 Kisses bags ManuQ(not sure which insert this was from)
Now your total is $4.00
When you pay, you'll get $3 in +Ups($1 for every 2 bags of candy) which makes your Grand Total $1.00
$1.00....for 6 bags!

When I am out later today, I'll bop in and see if they got the Pistachios and put them out yet....and maybe I'll pick up some Chloraseptic drops since you can do both spray and drops SCRs.....and the John Frieda travel bottles for that $5 SCR.....and more Pot of Gold or Bic pens for, well....because it's free and I can use them!  Is there a better reason?lol

Total Spent....$1.34 (put on free Rite-Aid gift card)
Value of Items....$131.69
SCR qualified for...$3.00(Chloraseptic/Purex)
Other Rebates earned...$0.00
Gift Cards earned....$00.00
+Up Rewards earned...$33.00
+Up Rewards spent...$13.00
+Up Rewards left to spend....$52.00

GRAND TOTALS--December Rebate Period so far

Number of Transactions......10
Total Spent....$4.00  put on free Gift Cards/Certificates so ZERO OOP
Value of Items purchased....$419.47
SCR qualified for....$5.00
Other Cash....$0.00

Gift of Savings Reward...$0.00
Additional Rebates....$0.00
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0.00

+UPS Totals for Dec. SCR period
+Up Rewards carryover from 12/6.....$42.00
+Up Rewards spent....$53.00
+Up Rewards earned....$90.00
+Up Rewards left....$52.00



  1. Awesome job! I love it. Keep it coming. If I can find the right coupons and the right products in the store I try to repeat your transactions. Except for the diapers and hair color. I'm not ready for either of those yet.

  2. Well unfortunately the hair color is a NEED....well, not really but I feel I need it.
    The diapers I am past but if they are free after sale/coupons/rebates I still pick them up for the food bank.
    Chocolate on the other hand is ALWAYS a necessity!lol

  3. Great transactions, as always! Wish they'd restock the pistachios!!!

  4. Oh ho ho! Love me Pistachios!!! Hope you find some!

  5. Didn't you get your coupon yet for the free HerbaShine?

  6. Have you checked your GOS totals yet online? I just took a look to see where I was after my last couple of trips, figuring -- based solely on OOP -- that I'd probably have tipped $50. Well, they added in my last 2 trips but rejiggered everything and now say I'm at $85! Things they had given me when I last looked are gone now (that RA cholesterol test I got "free" had been credited as a positive for some reason, now it's gone), but in return they're only deducting vv Qs and not all the Ups I've used. I really don't get it. Half of me's tempted to hit the "submit" button now for the $10 before they rejigger again. The other half of me's tempted to run over on the way to work, buy anything for $15 to get to $100, but then they might rejigger the rejiggering. I really don't understand what "rules" they're playing by for this game!

    Anyway, just wondered if your totals had changed.

  7. I sent for my emails just now and see a "We went ahead and requested your GOS certificate for you" from Rite-Aid email.....but I was only up to $10 & I planned on getting to $20!
    So I am thinking something is weird....
    Then I read your comment above.....
    So I just went to my detailed status on R-A for the GOS thingy and I went for having $69 worth of stuff qualifying to over $340!!!LOLOL
    Damn....if I had known they were going to change their minds and include ManQs in the totals I'd have given BIL some of my receipts!lol

    Pretty, It looks like they heard us all complaining and changed the rules. Yay!!!
    I'd wait to request the cert....u might actually get to $20 now! ;-)

  8. And it does look like they are only excluding the VV/AdPerks Qs AND last week I bought Nexxus and used an in-ad Q and they excluded those too.

  9. Great transactions as always. Can you let me know the deal on the Bic pens - how long is the deal on the 3$ Up?


  10. chitra--The Bic deal is a month long, so until 12/25 when the Dec. SCR period ends. And since it's a month long deal, the +Up Rewards you get from it don't expire until 1/8 so lots of time to use them.
    I went to a diff. R-A and saw the tags for it on the mechanical pencils too so it must be all Bic writing utensils, tho the mech. pencils cost alot more so not as good a deal as the stick pens.
    Hope this helps!


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