Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Year in Review 2010--Part 1.....Thanks for the Memories!

No, I am not celebrating the New Year yet!
Mimi over at LIVING IN FRANCE is doing a Linky Thingy...don't ya like my use of technical terms?

Anyway, you are suppose to post your life's highlights from the 1st three months of 2010.
Shall we start?....


January is a very special month as Chez Sluggy, due to the fact that the world celebrates my birth that, at least I feel that they should celebrate it!
Who would all those disgruntled readers dump on or make fun of if I wasn't around, huh?

#1 son celebrated my Birthday by leaving home and going back to college in January.
I don't know who was happier to see him depart.....after having him laying around the house for most of the month, sleeping until 3pm, eating every scrap of food in the house and staying up, with the volume turned WAY up, watching movies that appeal to 19 yr. old boys/men(and thus do NOT appeal to 50 yr. old mothers of said boys/men).

January also saw a continuation of Dental Surgery here, as Daughter had Wisdom teeth yanked at the beginning of the month and #2 son had more teeth pulled at the end of the month.  I was running a regular surgical recovery hotel for half the month.  If I never  have to make another packet of Jello it will be too soon.

Add in to #1 son's throwing a monkey wrench into the well-oiled machine that my household is(ha!), various dental surgeries and the usual mayhem that permeates life here, that my SIL decided to come stay at our place for a week during January.  Now do you understand why every photo of me taken during this month can be mistaken for a photo of a lemur?

In blogland and in the couponing realm, I hit the ground running with completing tons of Mail-In Rebates.   And then I sat on my hands in Feb. and most of March waiting for the checks to fly, er....I mean crawl in.
   I also  sketched out my Financial Goals for 2010 and set up my Savings Challenge target for the year of $30,000.  A big hairy goal if you ask me!lol
January also saw the start of the BORING BOX GIVEAWAY idea.  That seemed to be well received....especially by Marilyn and Frances. 8-)


February brought about the beginning of Cabin Fever, though we didn't actually get much snow last winter.  It was cold as heck though and I seemed to feel it alot more than in years past.
I spent a good deal of February working on Decluttering projects....both in the house and in the garage.

#2 son celebrated his birthday and moved further into that no man's land of life called the Teen Years.
We crossed our fingers that he would emerge some day, a few years from now, on the other side....

In blogland and the couponing realm, I 'hearted' Rite-Aid even more when they began their GAME OF LIFE Promotion and a local business group sent me an awesome newsletter with a pdf coupon good at Rite-Aid for the entirety of 2010. ;-)
I did a fair amount of Catalina Coupon rolling at a couple of local grocery stores in February that stocked me up on pantry basics for months to come.


March I had pretty much had it with those alien lifeforms that live here called teenagers.  Lots of teen drama and sibling rivalry.  Between that and not having had a vacation of any kind in over a year and I was ready for the funny farm bus to come cart me off.

Then horror of horrors, my magical printer died and I saw the end of extended prints of coupons in my life.
*sniff, sniff*....please bow your heads in silence.....
I did receive my very 1st Blog Award.  But as the old saying goes, "That and 4 bits will get you a cup of coffee." lol

March went out like a lion and NOT a lamb here, as I developed a raging case of Bursitis in my shoulder.  Pain, drs. and the ER, led to heavy drugs and sedation.
At least I didn't feel the pain any longer, nor the pain in the rear end that the teens were providing me that month.

So that's my 1st Quarter of 2010 in a nutshell.

What were your most memorable tales of  Jan.-Mar.?  I hope that most of it was good memories.
And go check out everyone else's post.



  1. Thanks for playing along! Sounds like you made a killing at Rite Aid! I love couponing.. though I sadly don't do it like I used to.

  2. Wow, the year could only get better after all that, couldn't it? I'm not sure I even want to recap my first quarter since it went very badly and ended with DH moving out and us looking at divorce. Not a happy time (although emotionally sort of freeing).

  3. Emmy--Thanks for coming to see me. I'll get to your blog for a read shortly as soon as I get time to take a breath.

    Pretty--It's funny how much y forgot about what went on earlier in the year....outside of the real big stuff, like separation or divorce.

  4. I would SWEAR that I commented on this yesterday! Anyway, I don't remember last week, much less the beginning of the year. LOL!

  5. i am scared of raising teenagers. heaven help me.


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