Friday, December 24, 2010

Bought This Week at Rite-Aid....Part I

Here's what I've bought this week at Rite-Aid.

Sunday's trip....

2 x Gain Hand Soap on sale .88¢=$1.76
2 x Motrin PM w/wellness disc.$5.03=$10.06
2 x Rite-Aid Coffee on sale $1.99=$3.98
4 x Reese's PB Cups on sale .50¢=$2.00
1 x Oral-B Toothbrush on sale=$2.99
1 x Men's Winter Hat on sale 50%=$.499

Qs Used....$18.00
OOP...$.78 put on Rite-Aid gift card
+Ups used...$7.00
+Ups received....$8.00($1 wyb 4 candy bars,2 x $3 Motrin, $1 Oral-B) , making this a $1 moneymaker.

--Our area received .50¢ Gain hand soap Qs, so the Gain on sale for .88¢ this week is .38¢ per bottle after Q.
--The Hershey brand candy bars are .50ea. this week and when you buy 4 you get a $1 +Ups back, making them .25¢ each.  If you have coupons, they are even less.  (I used the BOGO Reese's Qs so these 4 candy bars cost me ZERO after the +Ups.)
--The Motrin PM priced at $5.03 after 20% wellness discount was $3.03 after in-ad Q. I received $3 +Ups for buying it, so after +Ups it cost me .03¢.  At another store the after wellness discount price was $4.79, making it a .21¢ moneymaker for each bottle I bought.
--The Rite-Aid coffee is on sale for $1.99 this week.   There is a $2 off Rite-Aid coffee Q Rite-Aid has emailed some wellness members, making the coffee free this week.  **Next week the HUGE cans of R-A coffee are going to be $5.99 and produce a $2 +Up Reward, so after Q and +Ups, each can will cost you $1.99 for 33 oz.
--The winter hat is 50% off this week and someone here requested one for Xmas.  ;-)

1 x R-A Coffee=$1.99
1 x Motrin PM 20% wellness disc.=$4.79
1 x Clearasil reg. 20% wellness disc.=$4.39
1 x Overnight Clearasil 20% wellness disc.=$7.19
1 x Pick up Sticks game 25% off=$1.94
SubTotal....$20.30+.22 tax=$20.52

Qs Used....$14.00(including a $3 off $20 purchase Q)
OOP...$.52 put on Rite-Aid gift card
+Ups used...$6.00
+Ups received....$9.00($3 Motrin, 2 x $2 Clearasil, $2 Toy), making this a $3 moneymaker.

* Analysis....
--The Clearasil, after 20% Wellness discount, In-Ad Q and +Ups is either .39¢ for the regular stuff or .19¢(or .59¢ at the higher priced store)for the overnight variety.
--The Pick-up Sticks are one of the toys 25% off and generated a $2 +Ups this week, so a .06¢ moneymaker after discount and +Up Rewards. 

2 x Motrin PM 20% wellness disc.=$10.06(priced higher at this store)
2 x Mitchum Deodorant BOGO50% sale=$5.98
1 x Clearasil Overnight 20% wellness disc.=$7.50(priced higher at this store)
2 x Sierra Mist Soda on sale $.99each=$1.98

Qs Used....$15.55
OOP...$.06 put on Rite-Aid gift card
+Ups used...$10.00
+Ups received....$8.00(2 x $3 Motrin, $2 Clearasil)
SCRs qualified for...$2(WYB 2 Mitchum), making this an 'even steven' transaction....2 +Ups lost but $2 SCR gained.

--The Mitchum Deodorant(Men or Women's)is BOGO50% off this week.  There is a $2/1 Wellness Q Rite-Aid emailed to Wellness members.  Buy 2 Deos, use 2 $2 Qs and pay around $2.68(store prices may vary).  Then submit for SCR #60($2 wyb 2).  You are OOP .68¢.

1 x Clearasil Overnight 20% wellness disc.=$7.50(priced higher at this store)
2 x Candle 25% off=$8.98
1 x Candle pack 25% off=$1.49
2 x Rite-Aid toothbrushes on sale .99¢=$1.98

Qs Used....$10.00(including a $3 off $20 purchase)
OOP...$.04+$.23 tax=$.27 put on Rite-Aid gift card
+Ups used...$10.00
+Ups received....$7.00($5 wyb $10 of candles, $2 Clearasil), making this a $3 +Ups loss.

--Buy $10 in Holiday Candles(after 25% discount this week)and get a $5 +Ups.
--The Rite-Aid medium Extreme Toothbrushes are on sale for .99¢ this week.  Among the coupons emailed to Wellness members is a $1 off these toothbrushes.  This Q is among the ones where the Coffee Q came from I mentioned in a previous transaction.

Total Spent....$1.63(put on free Rite-Aid gift card)
Value of Items....$128.40
SCR qualified for...$2.00
Other Rebates earned...$0.00
Gift Cards earned....$00.00
+Up Rewards earned...$32.00
+Up Rewards spent...$33.00
+Up Rewards left to spend....$118.50

GRAND TOTALS--December Rebate Period so far

Number of Transactions......33
Total Spent....$14.44 put on free Gift Cards/Certificates so ZERO OOP
Value of Items purchased....$1,325.82
SCR qualified for....$25.00
Other Cash....$11.99

Gift of Savings Reward...$40.00*both me and BIL account*
Additional Rebates....$0.00
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0.00

+UPS Totals for Dec. SCR period
+Up Rewards carryover from 12/18.....$119.50
+Up Rewards spent....$279.00
+Up Rewards earned....$380.50
+Up Rewards left....$118.50



  1. Sluggy, Can you forward the pdf for the coffee to me if you have time? Thanks, April

    april32 @

  2. Nevermind I found them! Thanks for posting the analysis section. It is really helpful.

  3. Looks like your RA stocks Sierra Mist from the same distribution center that my RA gets Diet Coke ;)

    Nice shops! I thought about doing the cans of coffee, but opted to pass (not sure why - I think I'm afraid of running out of space already in my new "girl cave" LOL!).

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!


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