Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Virginia, there is no Santa Claus at RITE-AID!

Well as reported on many Rite-Aid reporting deal blogs now, the sad news is that EVERY FORM of PAYMENT on your purchase at Rite-Aid except for CASH, GIFT CARDS or CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS is disallowed toward your total to qualify for the GIFT OF SAVINGS Promotion.

I submitted 1 of my receipts on the Rite-Aid Website and here is my GOS total.....try not to laugh too hard!lol

 PurchasedStoreRegTrans Product Name QtyAmount
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039Gil Sensor 3 Sns Skn 4Ct 1 $5.49
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039Vas Men Xstrngth Ltn 10Z 1 $2.99
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039Ckp Duracell Aa 4Pk 6 $15.00
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039Colg 360 Actflx Man Fhm Tb 1 $1.77
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039$1 OFF COLGATE TOOTHBRSH360 1 ($1.00)
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039WELLNESS PLUS COUPON $1.00 1 ($1.00)
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039MERCHANDISE TAXABL 9 ($11.75)
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039WELLNESS PLUS COUPON $2.00 3 ($6.00)
11/26/10 00:00 AM49902904039$5 OFF $25 NONPERSCRIPTION 1 ($5.00)
Total 24 $0.50


Oh un-Holiday Spirit of you......
Ok, I won't whine much longer, seeing as I get tons of good deals besides this one case, and I heart the employees at my Rite-Aids around here.



  1. I was kinda afraid your fantastic weekend pennies OOP shopping wouldn't get you where you thought you were for this deal. I'm so sorry that the terms have changed. Basically it almost penalizes coupon users (at least that's how it seems to coupon users), and I don't understand how they can subtract manufacturers' coupons that they are being reimbursed for... But considering the vv coupon just dropped to $3/$20, it looks like they're just backing off on the really hot deals they're allowing... :(

  2. Pretty--Exactly re:the ManuQs. RA gets their $ for those, if not from you & me directly but from the manufacturers.
    I saw the VV went to $3 too.
    My days as the Rite-Aid Goddess are numbered.lolol

  3. "My days as the Rite-Aid Goddess are numbered"

    Nah, every time I think that -- like when all the beta-test Wellness mega-coupons turned into $1/$10 coupons and other pull-back things they've done -- it just seems like all the bargainistas and frugalistas simply get more creative :) I have no doubt at all you'll figure out a different and better way of getting paid to shop RA!

  4. fifty cents?! You've disappointed me... I thought you'd get out of there money ahead!
    Just kidding. Wowsa!

  5. Don't worry you only have 99.5 more visits to make before the end of the year. You can do it. lol

    I do enjoy reading your blog - its great.



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