Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Trio of White Things Hodge-Podge

Ok, so the unifying thread that ties all my babbling in today's post together is the color white.

What is missing from this picture?

Ok.....here's a visual clue.......compared to this photo, what is missing above....besides the sunny day?

We've got a case for Unsolved Mysteries here!
About a month ago, the new, bigger RV aka The Behemoth got pulled away.  Since it was in the midst of the school year(and they have a kid)I figured the Grandparents had taken it out for a fall camping getaway, since they have borrowed it in the past for trips.
But the Behemoth has been gone for a month+ now.....and the Grandparents have never taken it out for that long before...and never this deep into the Fall weather(meaning when it's this cold).
No one has said anything in regards to the Behemoth that I have been able to overhear.
I may just have to think up an excuse to go over there and ask.....not that I don't mind it being gone!

And speaking of weather....
It's almost the end of November and we have had(I know I'm jinxing us with this)NO SNOW yet!
A Single.
The photo above I had to dig out from last February's stash of pics, to show you some of what we ususally have.

This is northeastern PA people.....and we live on top of a MOUNTAIN....albeit a small mountain, but still....
Very rarely do we get to this point in the calendar with not at least 1 or 2 'snow events' that don't instantly disappear upon hitting the ground.
I could get use to this though since the PITA Chihuahua won't go out in snow.
She thinks she is the freaking Queen of England or something and won't go off the deck if there is a dusting of white stuff.  Guess who gets a foot shoved up her hiney to get her off the deck on a regular basis in the winter?

I'm sure we'll pay for this fluke "No Snow In Nov." thing with  lots of APRIL SNOW(which by the way is so WRONG!)on the tail end of Snow Season around these parts.

And speaking of white stuff.....
We now officially live in the "bad" part of town.....if you can call this a town.lol

Our next door neighbor rang our doorbell the other night and let us know that someone had thrown something on the teen's car earlier that evening.  His grown daughter's car, she was visiting from out of town, also was a recipient of this special honor as well.  Both cars were parked down at the street when it happened.
Neighbor's daughter called the police so there was more doorbell ringing here as the patrolman wanted to get our information for his report, etc.  No damage that couldn't be washed off.

I went out the next morning and took some photos of the *ahem*, artwork......

Hubs deduced that the 'media' used in this graffiti art was New England Clam Chowder.
We both simultaneously said, "What a waste of a good cup of chowder."

Now I could see throwing a cup of hot coffee, or spraying a bottle of soda pop on a car.....but who the hell joyrides around with containers of clam chowder for the singular purpose of decorating someone's parked  car?
And the landlocked mountainous area of PA is not where people go around eating clam chowder much anyway, nor is it a popular carry-out food item at any restaurants here.

At least it could be washed off and didn't leave a permanent mark.
It's an 18 yr. old car for gosh sakes so who cares about how it looks, right?lol

I'm just glad the 'hooligans' who did this didn't use rocks or bricks and smash windows or slash tires....this time!
The policeman said he was going to go check up on the whereabouts of our neighborhood, as he called them....*ahem* "freqent flyers" (aka juvenile deliquents).  We've got about 4 rotten egg teens living around here who may or may not be involved.
I'm not getting myself all worked up over this until they do something like set my mailbox on fire....
Once they start destroying the holder of my free samples and coupons, then it will get ugly, I guarantee that!!



  1. Nice tie-in! White stuff. Very clever, girl!

    Are you already baking stuff?

  2. LisaPie--Not baking/cooking yet, still thawing the bird.
    I've got to finish reorganizing my pantry closet today so I have room to bake/cook, since everything is sitting out on the table, island, counters.
    Then I'll tackle turning pumpkins into puree so I can make pies tonight.

    How about you?

  3. When I worked in high school, my car was just like another girl that worked at this grocery store. One night I found that someone had dumped pineapple juice all over the windshield and pulled lots of grass and thrown it all over. YUCK. What a waste of good pineapple juice!

  4. Re: the RV. Can you say repo?

    Re: The weather. Maybe the clam chowder was in lieu of snow.

  5. I just whipped up double batches of the new cranberry recipe. It is so good you will seriously want to sit right up and slap your mama!

    I am trying to think of what else I can pour this stuff on or serve it next to. Good stuff!

    I will be posting the recipe tomorrow, come check it out.


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