Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saturday at the Grocery Stores....Meat & Menus

I hit Weis Markets on Sat. to check for clearanced meats and found a few good buys.....

2 packages of marked down chicken breast(bone-in but very little bone actually)with $3 Store Coupons on the packages.
2 packages of ground beef with $3 Store Coupons on the packages.
2+lbs. of frozen Catfish for $3.99lb.  A good price that got even better after another shopper asked me, while I was contemplating the meat counter, if I could use her $3 off a $15 purchase of fresh meat coupon, since she wasn't going to use it.
Heck yeah!!lol

All totaled I bought 13.63lbs. of meats.
Regular retail on all was $45.94
The chicken had an additional markdown of $9.91.
Made it $36.03.
The $15 in Store Coupons/Catalinas brought the price down to....
My per lb. avg. price ended up being under $1.50 per lb.

I had Hubs pick me up a Pork Loin Tenderloin at Price Chopper as well on Saturday.  They were $1.99lb. so my $17.81 bought us a 9+lb. hunk which I'll cut into boneless pork medallions and freeze.  I've been holding out for a deal on boneless pork chops for ages and this looks like as low as it's going to get around here, now that inflation has started to take hold on the commodities markets.

As noted in a previous post, I went to the local independent grocer & spent $39.96 on staples and sale items and fell way short of spending $300 to get a $15 gift certificate.  I also hit the Bakery Outlet and Ollie's(a regional discounter) for a grand total spent last week of $100.94 from the food budget. Not counting Rite-Aid purchases because, well....I don't actually spend money
All totaled I have spent $127.63 so far in November on food/toiletries.  12 days to go and I have $122.37 left to spend this month.

So far this week I have stayed out of the grocery stores, but that will end later today or tomorrow, since I do need to pick up a few things for the Thanksgiving meal.  I don't plan on making a ton of food since there will only be 6 of us for that meal, and 3 of those 6 are teens who have mercurial appetites.  I do need celery, bread or dried stuffing mix(unless I decide to bake my own bread to use), eggs and sweet potatoes.  Oh, and a turkey....almost forgot that....duh!lol
And I may pick up a rutabaga for Hubs since he loves it and never gets that veg. since nobody else here eats it. 8-P

Does everyone have their Turkey Day menu set yet?
I am still tinkering around with mine.
I probably won't settle on a menu until Thanksgiving morning.
Turkey of course, stuffing, rolls, cranberry glop, 2 veggies but to do reg. taters and sweet taters both?
We'll see....
And pumpkin pie but what other pie?....or will it be cake?
Only the shadow knows at this point.....
And do I put out appetitzers.....cruditees?.....chips and dip?.....deviled eggs?......a relish tray?.....cheese and crackers?
Decisions, decisions....

I have stuff in the stockpile and freezer so I can just go with what I feel like, depending on how I feel and how ambitious(or not!lol)I want to be in the kitchen.
I do like to make some things from scratch but trying to make it all from scratch is just too exhausting for me because nobody helps out.
I am making the pies from scratch(even the filling)so I'll not make the rolls from scratch and use all those frozen and refrigerated ones I have because......because that's just how I roll......Oh, you KNOW I had to say that, didn't you? ;-)



  1. Menu is set, and only a few groceries for it so far...

  2. I'm going to fix the turkey that's in the freezer (provided I remember to give it enough time to thaw), still have potatoes and sweet potatoes out the wazoo from CSA farm share boxes so that's pretty much a given, dressing/stuffing and gravy, my newly discovered sugar-free cranberry sauce, and either a salad or a green cooked veg like broccoli. I think that's about it. We stopped eating rolls years ago when I got serious about Atkins, so I just don't have them in the house anymore (because I'd eat them all - LOL!), and we've never been dessert eaters even at the holidays, so no pie. There will still be a ton of food eaten and another ton leftover, and that's just peachy since it saves me having to figure out lunches for awhile.

    Nice haul on the meat!!!

  3. What great meat deals you got!!!

    I am actually making 2 Thanksgiving dinners. One on Thursday for just Hubby and me and one on Saturday when Samantha and her bf will come over.

    I don't know how to make a "small" Thanksgiving dinner. LOL! I just like Thanksgiving food SO much and love leftovers, as well. We will have turkey (I have one in the freezer), cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, yams (I think mashed with pecan topping), pumpkin and another pie. We have some in the freezer, but I don't know what flavor. Though I could be industrious and make a cobbler. I have tons of fruit in the freezer. I will probably make other sides, as well, I just haven't asked Hubby what he wants.

    When I cook on Thursday, I think instead of making big dishes of the sides, I will make 2 smaller dishes of some of them so I will just have to heat up on Saturday. And I think I will get turkey breast at the store for Saturday, unless the whole turkey price is just too good to beat. LOL!


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