Friday, November 19, 2010

Giveaways Galore....Go Check Them Out!

Lots of Giveaways out in BlogLand to tell y'all about today!

*First up there is Noreen over at Silly Mom Of 2 Silly Girls.
She has a bunch of Giveaways running.  My favorites are.....

Old El Paso Family Taco Night  Ends 12/1

Fiber One Bars/Cereal & Safeway Gift Card Ends 11/25

Lawry's Marinades and Mixes Ends 11/22

*Then there is Marilyn over at Marilyn's Money.
She has the OEP Taco Giveaway as well....

Old El Paso Family Taco Night  Ends 11/24

*And I just saw A. Marie over at My Money Mission Online put up a couple of  Giveaways too.

Hamburger Helper Show Your Helping Hand  Ends 11/27

MOZAIK® PartyWare   Ends 11/27

Go check them out and tell em  I gave them some Linky Love! 8-)



  1. Man! You know ALL the giveaways!!! You must be like, psychic!
    Going to enter them all!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. if I WAS psychic I'd know which ones I'd win so I wouldn't have to bother entering the ones I wouldn't win...lolol

    You have an awesome weekend yourself and I hope you get some time to sew...;-)

  3. Speaking of giveaways, you won mine, Sluggy. You didn't need to enter any others. LOL!

  4. I give something away every Friday on my site. Sometimes it's even chocolate.
    Just sayin'.


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