Thursday, February 27, 2020

Weis Deals This Week

Here are some deals I picked up at Weis last Friday.........

The regular Eggland's Best eggs were on sale for $1.87 this past week.  I used a .50¢/1 ManuQ that doubled to $1 and paid .87¢ for that dozen.
The cage-free EB eggs were a Friday only deal for BOGOFree.  At Weis(PMITA)Markets if you buy just one on a BOGO you pay half price.
I used another .50¢/1 ManuQ that doubled to $1 and paid .99¢ for those eggs.

I also got 6 cans of soup for .49¢ per can(a Friday only special), 4 large cans of tomatoes on sale that week for $1 per can and used a .80¢/4 ManuQ that doubled to $1.60 off making each can .60¢.
I bought 3 more cup o' noodles(new flavor)and paid $3($1 per cup)then made $3.07 back on Ibotta(3 x .97¢ cup o noodles + .10¢ for buying anything.
The weekend warrior and midweek bonuses in my gallery at Ibotta this past weekend/week were only for $1 wybought 12 offers so I didn't even try this week. lolz

I spent a total of $12.88 last Friday at Weis(and earned $3.07 in rebates).

I went back to Weis on Wednesday looking for discount meat stickers(it's the best day at my store to find them)and found all this.........

2 x Weis 12 pack of "gourmet" meatballs on sale for $5 wyb2=$10.00
1 x thin sliced top round steak for braciole on sale=$7.31
1 x Perdue whole roaster chicken in cooking bag=$11.00(ouch!)

The meatballs were $6 off(1 x $2 off sticker on one pack and 2 x $2 off sticker on the other pack)so $2 per pack after discounts/sale.
The top steak had a $3 off sticker on it so $4.31 for 1.22 lbs. or $3.53 per lb.(that's less than they charge usually for ground beef here at Weis).
The Perdue roaster had a $3 off sticker on it PLUS I had a $2/1 IPQ for that so I paid $6 for the oven ready chicken.
The chicken and meatballs went directly into the freezer and I'll marinated the steak today and serve it as cheese steak sammies tonight with a salad for dinner. ;-)

I also had tp and paper towel Qs expiring so I used those..........

2 x Scott towels on sale $6=$12.00
2 x Cottonelle tp reg. price=$16.78

I used 2 x .75¢/1 Scott pt IPQs which doubled to $1.50 each making the towels $4.50.
I also had a $2/2 Scott digital Q on my card and that came off too! making the final price on the towels $3.50 per pack.  8-)

I used 2 x .55¢/1 Cottonelle IPQs which doubled to $1.10 each making the tp $7.29
I also had a $2/1 Cottonelle digital Q on my card too that came off making the tp $6.29 per pack.
And I had a $1 Cottonelle Ibotta rebate so I got another $2 back in rebates so in the end the tp was $5.29 each.
I totally was not expecting those digital Qs to come off but I'm glad they did. ;-)

And with this talk about COVID-19 heading toward a pandemic situation it's no time to let the paper products stock get low.  Just sayin'.

I also lucked into this deal in the produce department.........

2 x 10 lb. sacks of potatoes for .99¢ per bag.  Reg. price around here for 10 lb. bags of regular white taters is anywhere from $3.99-$4.99.
An employee was just putting them out while I was walking by so I snagged 2.  Now I just have to come up with ideas on how to use them as we aren't big tater fans usually. ;-)
I'll make chowder, bake some, make potatoes au gratin from scratch and maybe make Ex-CB some hash browns and do a Breakfast for Dinner one night.

I also found all this in the baby department on clearance...........

I was able to use $2.75 in IPQs as well on the Gerber items besides the 50% off price.  I am not counting this in my February food budget though and it will be going to the local food bank sometime in March but I wanted to mention it in case anyone out there shops at Weis and wants to look out for these deals in the baby food section.

I am now over my $400 monthly food budget for February by $6.39 so I guess I'll stop going to the store this month now except for this Friday's freebie at Weis(PMITA)Markets. lolz



  1. Gosh-ignore my question on the post for today. I just read now you plan to take it straight to the food shelf-must have not been reading clearly the other day. What a good eye you have and that will be greatly appreciated.


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