Monday, March 19, 2018

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Well I WAS Feeling Better" Edition--

Then I had my slip and fall.  Too bad I can't sue the idiots who shoveled my backyard. lolz  Well I could but that would be counterproductive.
I can actually use my left arm again so I'm getting back to normal....whatever normal happens to be for me.  8-)

Or maybe I should milk this for another week or so if it gets me out of cooking meals?  Hmmmm
Hubs volunteered to make dinner one night and I am taking him up on it. 8-)

Moving On....

Onward to the meal planning!

1. Sunday--Fend for Yourself/Leftovers
1. Sunday--Lemon Pepper chicken and zucchini, rice
2. Monday--Beef Teriyaki stir-fry w/Broccoli, rice
3. Tuesday--chicken Parmesan, Pear Gorgonzola Salad(Spaghetti too for Hubs)
4. Wednesday--Leftovers
5. Thursday--Beef Stroganoff, rice, mixed Veggies
6. Friday--Fend for Yourself 
7. Saturday--Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Leftovers or FFY
1. Sunday--Lemon Pepper chicken and zucchini, brown rice
2. Monday--Beef Teriyaki stir-fry w/Broccoli Water Chestnuts and Bamboo Shoots, rice
3. Tuesday--Chicken Parmesan, Pear Gorgonzola Salad
4. Wednesday--Beef Stroganoff, leftover rice, Brussels Sprouts
5. Thursday--Fend for Yourself/Leftovers
6. Friday--Fend for Yourself 
7. Saturday--Chinese Take-Out

Last week saw 4 nights of home cooked dinners, 2 nights of leftovers/fend for yourself, 1 night of take-out and 0 nights of Eating out. After hurting my shoulder on Thursday morning, St. Pat's Day meal didn't happen and moves to this week.

2 trips to Weis brought the shopping last week to $172.33.  A little shop and a big old whopper of a shop last week.  That brings March's food spending total to $244.63.  There are 12 days left in my shopping month.  
I am now over $200 spent on groceries for March.  We'll see if I can keep it under $300 for the month now(though it's not looking good). 8-(

My savings percentages last week was 52.64% and the monthly savings so far ends up at 51.12%(without Rite-Aid trips added in).

Leftovers going into this week.......some Lemon Pepper Chicken and Zucchini, Beef Stroganoff, Broccoli Beef Stir-Fry, assorted Rice.  Not much of each of these is left so will most probably be lunches or could be dinners since Daughter is away this week at a conference and College Boy isn't home for dinner most evenings.  If we do some "FFY" nights we can finish of these bits and bobs.

Here is this week's "food plan".....

1. Sunday--Corned Beef, Carrots, Cabbage, Potatoes
2. Monday--FFY
3. Tuesday--maybe Lunch Out so Dinner will be whatever(if hungry)
4. Wednesday--BBQ Pork Sandwiches
5. Thursday--Nachos
6. Friday--Salmon, Veggie(who knows, Hubs is cooking this!)
7. Saturday--Leftovers or ?

This week will see 4 new meals cooked, 3 nights of leftovers/FFY and 0 night of Take-out/Eat-Out.
I need to buy nothing to make this menu so maybe I'll stay outta the grocery stores this week.
Fingers crossed(and I highly doubt it).......

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?



  1. I am so glad you didn't do more damage to yourself. Don't sue him, just let him cook. You could have a flareup of pain every week.

  2. Happy to hear you’re feeling better! I’m still waiting for the day when my husband offers to make me dinner. He’ll cook it if I get it ready but that’s not the same thing.
    My MIL died this past week so no menu planning. (She went peacefully, with many of her family at her side.)I had to throw away a big pot of soup, a huge leftover dish of tuna casserole and something else? I gave a neighbor the thawed (several days) beef pasty. I couldn’t convince her she needed soup and tuna casserole. This week is about easy. Tonight will be calzones from Aldi’s. Tomorrow is broccoli/cheese soup and maybe a sandwich. I have bacon and potatoes that need using up so that will be Wed. We have a free pizza coming from the local pizza joint but it might be too soon after the calzone. We’re still in the 20’s/30’s so maybe chili, too? Whatever it is, it’ll be made at home. I was gifted about ten pounds of bananas so my cooking mojo is being spent on making muffins this week.

  3. I'm all for milking the situation to get out of cooking for another week. LOL I'm glad you are able to use your arm again.

  4. The pear salad sounds really good. Nice menu. What will hubs cook?

  5. I stayed on task. This week is left over corned beef and cabbage; an egg bake; and homemade black bean burgers.

  6. I am so sorry about your fall. I think all meals should be prepared by others and you deserve at least 2 more week convalescing, or at least doing only what you want to do.

  7. Milk it! I love when someone else cooks. I am happy to hear that your shoulder is better though.

    We had tuna casserole today - the one with the potato chips on top. Hubby said it tasted just like his Mom's. I considered that a compliment.


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