Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Our Trip to Maine 2016......Part 6

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So Day 6 of our trip to Maine was all about a little shopping and a little eating and alot of great scenery.  What could be better, right?

We took off East from Augusta for the coast.   We passed an OSJL outside of Belfast so we had to stop......

I love poking around in these type of stores.  Sometimes you see the most interesting items.  Like this one.........on second thought I should have picked this up for a few drinking folks I know *cough*......

These napkins were apropos for the area.....everyone up here say's "Wicked Good", even a brand of potato chips have this on the bag..............

Though not in this area of the state, moosie napkins are also apropos....

Here are the goodies from OSJL that did come home with me................                                                

Chinese straw mushrooms, dried mushrooms at $1 a box, Ty-phoo tea, coconut oil, oyster sauce, rice wine vinegar, fig flavored vinegar, honey, grape seed oil, hibiscus tea bags, peach tea bags, maple syrup, balsamic ketchup, honey peanut butter, Sesame bar candy, dried hibiscus, dried cantaloupe and olive tapenade.  Great prices on all this stuff!

Driving along Route 1 up the coast through Searsport and Stockton Springs and over the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.....

 We drove over this bridge on our trip back in 2010 and went up into the observation tower on the other end of the bridge.
If you read this post you might remember this photo from the tower looking down on the old bridge they hadn't torn down yet...........

Halfway over the new bridge following a dump truck....

 Once we get over to this area we take Rte. 15 at Five Mile Corners and then onto Rte. 199 so we can drive around the Bagaduce River which is a branch off from the Penobscot River which empties into the Penobscot Bay.

It's a nice scenic drive along country roads and there are two seafood shacks located around the Bagaduce.

First there's the Bayview Take-Out.

Good prices.....$17.50 for a full lobster dinner is well under what you'd pay at a sit-down restaurant, even up heyah.....

Behind their shack are a few picnic tables and this gorgeous view while you eat your yummies.......

A fairly sunny day with a nice cool breeze so why not dine al fresco?

A whole flock of seagulls sunning themselves on a rock out in the water.......

I did finally have my lobster for the trip here.  Much cheaper at a take-out shack and a rustic experience.
I think blogger Linda had posted about licking a knife and cutting her tongue the day before on her blog so I pretended to lick my knife. lolz

Then we drove onto Rte. 175 to another location along the water to here.......

The James Beard Foundation named this place an American Classic in 2008.  It's been here and in this family since opening in 1946 and it's a favorite among locals of the Blue Hill Peninsula.
We were still full from Bayview Take-Out so I just had a salad.
The prices seemed substanially higher than Bayview anyway.

 But they had nice view too as the shack backs onto a spit of land jutting out  into the river.

 Supposedly there is a reversing falls along the river here but I think it was on the other side of the building.

I did see a loon offshore swimming along..

 Another nice place to sit and eat by the water here.......

 It was time to start heading back so we headed north to Bucksport and then up to outside of Bangor to get on I-95 as that was the fastest way back to Augusta.
Before we got on the interstate we stopped in Brewer at this place...........

Another of the stores I like to check out while in Maine.  We've been to this one back in 2010 when we stayed outside of Bangor at a campground.
Marden's(or as they pronounce it up here "Mahden's")is another closeout/salvage store but only located within Maine.

Kim and McVal would go crazy in this place.  I don't know about the other Marden's locations but this one has a MASSIVE fabric department!

Photo from the website because I got so excited just browsing it all I forgot to snap a photo. lol
And the prices though higher from my last visit in 2010(most stuff was $2.99 yd. back then)there were still deals there.

Actually I only bought a few pieces of cloth this time as I really don't need MORE fabric(Ha! What fabricaholic needs more fabric?!?)
And Hubs was tired and cranky and didn't want to stand around waiting on me so I didn't get to properly browse....sigh.

We passed this lumber yard after Marden's but before the interstate entrance.  I didn't think there were many Viking descendants in Maine.....you find Viking Everything in the Upper Midwest/Plains...ask me how I know! lolz

I think we hit Taco Bell near the hotel as we got back late and just needed something in our bellies before bed.  Nothing expensive or memorable or worth talking about, though I have just done a bit of talking about it anyway. lolz



  1. I love checking out grocery stores in other places, one of my favorite things to do. That is some cheap lobster!

  2. At least I used a dangerous knife, one that did the job quickly! You would have to saw for a long time to draw blood with that spindly thing.

    I would take fabric shopping over lobster any day.
    Those are wonderful pictures that make me want to be there. I don't want to travel to get there, just be there.

  3. lovely places to sit near the water, I miss that as I live in the country now. and you can never have too much fabric!!

  4. Like Cheapchick, I shop when i’m out of town, too. There’s more then one way to fill the stockpile!
    Love the views!

  5. Okay we need to go to that fabric store and to that place that has cheap lobster.

  6. Holy cow!!! I got vertigo just looking at that bridge from above pic! What great pics!
    And I just checked Marden's and they're ONLY In MAINE???!!! NOT FAIR!!!!

  7. Two things to say to you Sluggy:

    1. Seafood envy!
    2. If you want to torture a man, make him to into a fabric store with you!

  8. Looks like you had a great time, but then again, you strike me as the type of woman who could manage to have fun at an insurance seminar!
    As a former New Englander, I find myself yearning for Maine, but only in summer and early fall. But, when I seem my roses bloom in early spring, and realize it's still colder than a witch's tit in Maine, I come to my senses, and remember why I fled in the first place!

  9. Did you by any chance go through the town of Mexico? I have a friend who is planning to go there once her debt is paid off.


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