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Our Trip to Maine 2016.....Part 4

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A quick trip to the grocery store after our boat ride for some breakfast items, where I saw this soda display......

Only in New England can you see so much Moxie!
I posted this photo on Facebook and everyone(everyone who didn't know what Moxie was)thought it was some kind of orange flavored soda.  Hardly orange!  More like if a root beer and a licorice soda had a love child with roofing tar...that wouldn't be Moxie!! lolz

We hit a Chinese buffet for dinner(way overpriced and pretty "meh")and then headed back to the island and our motel to watch a little tv and sleep.

The next day we did a bit of exploring around the Bailey's and Orr's islands and over to the Harpswell peninsula.

First it was down to Land's End on Bailey's Island.

I first came here in 1980 while working at a Summer theater.
One of the other interns was a local gal(well she was from Augusta but knew this area well)and she had a car and she drove a couple of us down here on one of our rare days off.

It's where the road and the island ends and overlooks upper Casco Bay.

You can stay at the end of Bailey's Island in an oceanfront compound Now if you have a wad of cash to spend.

There is a substantial island off shore here called Jaquish Island. It's only accessible by boat and there is now a house with a solar array on it.  It looks like the house is connected to Bailey's Island in this photo but it's just the angle of the shot.

Anybody know what these plants are called?  They have fern-like leaves and a red stalky flower.  My mother used to call them "Shoemaker's" as that is what she grew-up calling them back in the hills of VA.

There is a large gift shop overlooking the Bailey's Island beach here called Land's End Gifts.
It's a fun place to poke around and pick up a souvenir or two.

Moxie is now the official soda drink of Maine thus someone wrote this book............

I got hungry looking at this cookbook.

Enlarge this sign and read it.....funny!

Who's the momma?
I'm the momma!
The drawing even looks like me. *snort*


A poo hat.
Is it me?

I really wanted this octopus but left it behind because I didn't want to end up with many tubs of stuffed animals when I got old(like some people I know)......

More shots from the gift shop deck where we sat a spell........

And my gratuitous selfie with the lobsterman statue.
Victor Kahill created a statue for the 1939 New York World's Fair which was the centerpiece of the Maine section in the Hall of States at that Fair.
It was a likeness of a Bailey Island resident and lobsterman "Snoody" Johnson.
Shortly after Mr. Johnson's death 3 copies of the statue were commissioned and cast and placed in Augusta, Portland and here on Bailey's Island.
At some point I believe the Augusta ME statue was moved to Washington DC and graces the waterfront there, a gift from the people of Maine.

Then we set off back up Rte. 24........

And stopped at Mackerel Cove.
Mackerel Cove side vew from the road......

And the view from the beach looking Southward toward Casco Bay.

This is a much photographed place in Maine as it is a small working harbor cove and quite picturesque.

Platform for stowing traps and barrels among the fishing boats.....

A platform filled with lobster traps.....

Then it was back up Rte. 24 and over the cribstone bridge to Orr's Island

We stopped in at the Salt Cod Cafe at the lower edge of the island for a little something as we hadn't had breakfast that morning.

 We sat outside and I had a cup of chowder.

And this little guy came out of the stone wall to say "hi" and wait for me to drop something to eat.

Then we headed further up Rte. 24 to Sebacodegan Island and caught Mountain Rd. over to the Harpswell Peninsula.  At North Harpswell we took the Harpswell Neck Rd. down to Basin Point Rd. and the end of the peninsula and our destination for lunch off the wharf there.

A working fishing wharf.  The little shack on the right is a supply store and the decking on the left with the picnic table below is the front of a shack selling live lobsters.

The hard working mascot of the family businesses here.  She'd trot up the wharf to greet a new arrival and then find a sunny spot to snooze.  She'd get too hot after 10 minutes and move under a picnic table or car's shady spot.  Working hard that one! ;-)

Our dining spot du jour was Erica's.
This is the way natives eat seafood in Maine.

Dining outdoors at a seafood shack.

Here's my lunch....a box of scallops and fries.
Mmmmm......the sea air makes this the best way to eat seafood!

I just had to snap this purse at the table next to us.  A big ass Caddy unloaded 2 elderly couples, complete with sweaters tied around their necks(Preppy Alert!)....sweaters in August! lolz
Anyway, one of the blue haired women had this purse.
I looked it up and it's mighty expensive for a plastic purse.

Hubs partaking of some local blueberry ice cream.  I was too full after my lunch and a chowder breakfast for dessert.

We headed back to our motel for a mid afternoon nap but took a few photos along the way.......

Back on the island I had Hubs stop so I could get a shot of this cute Gothic cottage done in yellow with purple trim.

And the matching garage.

After a nice nap we headed back to town(off the island)for dinner and had more photograph opportunities..

Lobster traps along the road......

I can't remember what we had for dinner(something unmemorable like Applebee's I suppose as I had a gift card).
As it got dark we made our way back to the island........

Sunset afforded me more nice shots where we stopped along the way.........

We watched a little tv and read before bed on our last night on Bailey's Island.
We were headed out in the morning for new locations.



  1. Until now, I have never had the urge to go to Maine. Now, I do. It is very picturesque. I like the sayings and can relate. Picture-heavy posts are fun because I can live vicariously.

  2. I love Maine. DH and I do a seafood shack crawl every time we are up there.

  3. Lovely photos all !
    Don't get the hat.

  4. I remember as a kid we went to Maine and would always go to a clambake - yum! I didn't seen any lobster dinners - you aren't allowed to go to Maine and not have lobster, are you :) ?

  5. I've only read about Maine in books, it looks lovely! reminds of a fishing town we used to visit as kids.

  6. Beautiful! Like Practical Parsimony, i’m living vicariously through you.

  7. Makes me miss summer that much more... And I too, had no idea that Maine was so pretty.

  8. Wow, you need to take us there, Lovely. We could get matching preppie sweaters.


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