Friday, March 23, 2018

Frugal Friday......the March 23rd Edition

Not much to report in the realm of frugal wins this past week.  Staying home with a bum shoulder/arm meant not much $ spent.

*  I sent Hubs to Weis(PMITA)Markets last Friday to pick up a head of cabbage and the Friday Freebie........

These coupons never work so Hubs just takes the item to the Customer Service desk and tells them it's suppose to be free, they write on it "Free", the cashier at the register rings it up and then takes it off. lolz
I'll have to keep sending him on Friday as he has a system down.  8-))

*  There was a trip to the Bread Outlet...........

$4 for 3 loaves of Arnold's bread.
I made a corned beef dinner last Saturday so we need the rye bread for Ruebens tonight to use up the leftover corned beef.

*  I am heading out to do a big grocery shop as soon as I get this posted.  I'm gotten lazy so I am making a list to keep myself in check at the store............

I have been forgetting items I want to get so a list will keep me from slapping myself on the forehead afterwards or running back to the store.  I am also noting on the list if I have a coupon so I don't forget to hand those over too, which I have been known to forget. duh.

And that's it for this week.

We are just a little over a week away from Easter and I really am not feeling up to hosting a big "to do".  I will have enough Weis Pts. for a free spiral ham so I'll pick that up this coming week.  I might do a lasagna too for Easter and that way I don't have to cook for a few more days.   Maybe I can get through a week without having to cook?  That would be nice! ;-)

What are your Easter dinner plans?



  1. Nothing for plans for Easter right now. I was happy to get thru the full work week. I would have to look at the calendar to even know what Sunday Easter falls on this year. I think I need a break. LOL I love your hubbies system for getting the free items. LOL

  2. I am being a little ornery right now and it is fine with me if we stop by Subway after church Easter and grab a take-out ham sandwich. How's that for festive?

  3. I didn’t have any plans til I saw your post. It looks like we’ll have ham with raisin sauce. The ham is from the half pig we bought in the Fall. Other then that, i’ll have to think about it.
    Love the system your husband uses! I’m sure my husband would be the same; easy.

  4. Sometimes, I leave the list at home with coupons attached! No plans for Easter. It looks like your husband has bypassed the confusion. You reminded me I need to go to the bread store right now.

  5. Easter dinner?? I don't know. I know that I will be going to church. But honestly - dinner??? Probably nothing. No plans.

  6. I will make a spiral ham dinner at some point. We may or may not be invited to the in-laws. There really is no algorithm on how they decide to include or ignore us, so I will need to have a backup plan. Festive, eh?

  7. I'm hosting a small dinner but still apprehensive I won't do Easter right. I need my ham still. Im more concerned getting state of my house right.

  8. M won't be around, so I bought festive bunny shaped pasta, and will give the boys a few treats. That's it. Low key & fun! My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks, and we'll do something with them.

  9. We are having an Easter BBQ of ribs, potato salad and corn on the cob. Hubby makes the ribs, I do the salad so pretty easy - except this year I promised Mom I would attempt to make a lemon meringue pie with scratch crust in my new to me food processor. She has been observing lent so I let her choose what dessert would be and I am making it

  10. Well I bought a WHOLE ham on a great sale so....

    1. Well it takes a ham to know another ham....*snort*


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