Friday, March 30, 2018

Frugal Friday......the March 30th Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had last week..........

*  Hubs has a sensitivity issue with one of his teeth and the dentist gave him 2 sample size tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste when he had his appointment a few weeks ago.
Hubs wanted me to buy him more but at $4+ a tube it irks me to spend that sort of money.....I am use to getting toothpaste for FREE after all! lolz

So I was at the dentist on Tuesday and she has a basket in the waiting room with freebies like samples and coupons.  I spied many tubes of Sensodyne in the basket so I brought more home for him to use.....

And yes, I asked the receptionist if I could have this many before snagging them.  These didn't even make a DENT in the amount in the basket.
And if I remember, when Hubs runs out I will go back up when the dentist is open and ask for more free tubes.  ;-)

*  I'll be heading up to Weis shortly as all the Easter candy is 50% off!  I have been squirreling assorted Qs away to use for this too. ;-)

* As no store has put eggs on a good sale for Easter(what is up with that?!?)I made my semi-annual pilgrimage to Target for eggs(they were .99¢ per 18 ct. here!).  I don't like Target much but I can get free gift cards w/our c/c points there(the only dept. type store I can get them for w/points)so I go when I either need some or things are cheaper there than anywhere else and/or I buy things that are on special deals that give back free Target gift cards(usually $5 or $10 increments).
So armed with 77.68 in accumulated free Target gift cards, a couple of coupons(including a $10 gift card wyb $50 food/beverage TargetQ) and having loaded Ibotta cash rebate offers onto Hubs phone we went up....

2 x Quaker Steel Cut Oat packets on clearance(.62¢ each)=$1.24
2 x Hawaiian rolls on sale=$6.00
4 x 18 ct. eggs on sale=$3.96
1 x JD Sausage breakfast sandwiches=$4.49
1 x Edward's pie on sale=$5.49
1 x Silk coconut/almond milk=$3.49
3 x MP butter($2.39)=$7.17
3 x Tabasco=$4.17
4 x 12 pack Coke products on sale=$10.54(w/tax)*not pictured
3 x Jordan Almonds=$5.97 * not pictured
1 x head of lettuce=.89¢ *not pictured

I used 2 Qs-a .65¢/1 Silk IPQ and a $1/1 JDean item ManuQ.

I used $51.76 in free Target gift cards to pay and earned back a $10 Target gift card for spending over $50 on food/beverages.
I also earned $8.70 back in Ibotta rebates($1.20 JD, .75¢ Edwards, 3 x $1 Tabasco, .25¢ for buying anything, .50¢ March Level 1, $3 March Mania #3)so all the above was a $8.70 moneymaker!  8-)))

Tell us about your frugal wins this past week!

Have a great weekend and remember.........



  1. This past week, I saw a coupon or a sale on Sensodyne. I don't remember the details. I received a free sample at the dentist that was Colgate and some a bit of sensitive teeth stuff in it.

  2. Ok, I need to go to your dentist - I have to use Sensodyne too and I do pay that flipping $4 a tube - KILLS me to do it, but I really think it does make a difference. I won't let anyone else in the house use it though, lol.

  3. I think Sensodyne is a great product and use it at night, but use regular toothpaste other times. I can tell a difference using it just once a day.

  4. Hi Ladies,
    I have used Colgate and Crest sensitivity toothpastes that I have watched for deals on and gotten for free and liked it as well as the Sensodyne.

  5. I buy the generic kind of Sensodyne at the Dollar Tree. It works just the same for me.

  6. When my daughter first moved out my dental hygienist gave me a big bag of sample toothbrushes, toothpastes and flosses for her. She said they get more samples then they could ever go thru in a year. I got the eggs at Target too. No stores were having really cheap eggs this year. Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. That's great that you were able to get your dh the free samples of Sensodyne at the dentist's office.

    You did great at Target, how neat that you had all those gift cards saved up, I love it!

    Great frugal week for you. Yay!

  8. Dollar General also has the generic Sensodyne. Don't know how well it works as I have not used it myself. Penny S.

  9. Wow! Another huge score! My dentist does not give toothbrushes or toothpaste samples. (And, no debit or CC; cash or check only.) I used to buy the sensodyne but the DT is just as good. I can’t do 5$ a tube. I have found that the other brands are too sweet and actually make my teeth ache.
    No pre-candy sales, either. WTH? I need to move near you!
    I got eggs for 48 cents a doz. at Aldi’s. This has been their price for a couple of months, now.

  10. I picked up the eggs at Target too. I also picked up a box of Bounce softener, It was on sale, Cartwheel had a $1 coupon and another %5 off with the RedCard Debit.

    I use Sensodyne too. Our dentist gives us a toothbrush and a super small tube of regular toothpaste which comes in handy when I run out.

    Will have to check out DT and or DG for their brand of Sensodyne. Good to know!

  11. My Walmart had doz eggs for 50c. I did the Ibotta March Mania too :)

  12. Regarding the toothpaste: There is a shop near me which offers, as a free gift for stopping by, a tube of the best lip balm ever. I stop by at least once a year to replenish my supply, making no bones about the fact that I came in just for the lip balm. The owner always tells me to take as many as I want. (I only take 2, though.) I have purchased a needed item at this shop, which I could have bought for less at a big box store, but mostly, I go in for the lip balm.
    One of my college friends is an MD. He has a closet full of samples, most of which expire before he can ever give to patients or use on goodwill trips. I remember him sending me home with a case full of a topical ointment I used, and trying to convince me I could fit even more in my carry on.

  13. I use sensydone and I wait till its half price & then get it with cc points so it doesn't actually cost me anything

  14. Yeah what is up with egg prices? I've been getting the 18 count at Walmart for 1.18 for months and this week they are now 1.78. I was too tired to go back to Aldi's and get a dozen for .88, so I bit the bullet on that one. :/


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