Saturday, March 24, 2018

Finally!.....Shopping This Week

I finally got up to Rite-Aid and bought this stuff for College Boy......

1 x Similasan Eye Relief on clearance 75% off=$2.94
2 x Visine allergy formula 20% Wellness discount=$9.26

Coupons Used
2 x $2/1 Visine In-AdQ=$4.00
2 x $1.50/1 Visine IPQ=$3.00
Coupon Total......$7.00

But a $1.50 L2CQ came off(no clue I had that!)so it was $3.70 and $3 in Bonus Cash came off so I put the .70¢ left on my R-A gift card.
I also got a $3 Ibotta rebate on the Similisan and .25¢ rebate for buying anything at R-A so after $3.25 cash back I "spent down" .45¢ for all 3 items.

College Boy suffers greatly from allergies year round and his worst symptom are eye redness, itching and watering so these will come in handy and at a great price.


Then I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets and did a big shop(again!).

Here are the best deals I found........

5 more packs of discount sticker bacon, same brand, reg. variety.  $30-$15 stickers=$15 for all 5

2 packs of Johnsonville Beef Brats for $4 each.  After $2 discount sticker combined with a $1/2 ManuQ I had made each package $1.50.  Good price on all beef brats.

The 2 packs of meatballs were a 3 Day Sale item....reg. $5, on sale for $4 and had $1 stickers on them so $3 per 1 lb. package.  I can't make good meatballs myself for that price.

Also picked up but not pictured were 3 packages of thinly slice sirloin, a package of chicken breasts and a package of chicken thighs, all with $off discount stickers.  I used two packages last night of the steak to make steak sandwiches and all the rest are tucked away in the freezer.

Mayo and pineapple were on sale($2.87 and .99¢ respectively).  I used .50¢/1 Qs which doubled to $1 on the mayo and $1/2 Qs on the fruit giving me a final cost of $1.87 for each mayo and .49¢ per can of pineapple.
I forgot to photograph the 4 lb. bags of Domino sugar that were on sale for $1.88.  Two bags for $3.76 and I had a .75¢/2 IPQ that doubled to $1.50 so $1.13 per bag out the door.

Jolly Time popcorn was a 3 Day Sale item--Buy one/Get two free.  Reg. price of $2.87 making 6 boxes $5.74.  I used 3 x $1/2 Jollytime IPQs so $3 off, meant I paid $2.74 for 6 boxes or .46¢ per box.

The large container of Weis brand cottage cheese cost .19¢.  Reg. price of $3.19 and I had a digital Q for $3 off.

All the other items were Mix and Match Buy 6/Get $3 off items.......

2 x Breyer's ice cream $2.99 ea.
2 x Green Giant Veggie tots $3.49 ea.
1 x Daisy cottage cheese $2.49
3 x Minute Maid orange juice $2.99 ea.

1 x Kleenex 3 pack $3.99
3 x Cottonelle Wipes $1.99 ea.

$34.38 subTotal

$6 off 2 x MandM Discount and
$11 off in Manu/IPQs which doubled(some) so $17 off

$17.38 for all 12 items OOP.

And lastly I picked up 5 Flip yogurts at $1 each when you bought 5.
I had 4 x .50¢/1 Qs that doubled to $1 each so I paid $1 for all 5 of these so .20¢ OOP for each.

I don't consider this yogurt "food" as much as it's a snack/dessert.  If I am feeling the need for something chocolatey/desserty I can grab one of these to eat instead of eating my way through a pie/cake/bag of cookies, so good to have on hand.  ;-)

I didn't mean to do a big shop but then I found all those meat deals and oh well......

I am now over $300 spent in March on foodstuffs.  I shouldn't feel so bad/stressed at that amount since we are 4 adults at home now full time as CB isn't off at school anymore.
I think resetting my frame of mind here is in order and trying to stay under $300 a month is kind of unrealistic at least until the two kids move out.  I should be shooting for $400 per month with this many bodies to fee.

There may be a bit more picked up this week as well since I'll be making a trip to Ollie's to use that 10% off coupon I have and I never now what I'll find there that we can use.



  1. And I see you have one Jolly Time box that contains a free Redbox code! Those are worth $1.50 if you use their services to rent DVDs.

    1. Hey I didn't even see that, thanks! I think we have a machine in our town.

  2. I hope there are pineapple coupons and sales here. I am planning on buying them. Currently, the lowest price is $1.48.

    1. The Q I used is no longer available unfortunately. If I find another I'll send you the link.

    2. There is now a .65¢/2 Dole Q on coupons dotcom so go print it!

    3. Thanks. If I had a printer set up! Library won't print these. I will see if I can get someone to print these. Trouble is, the person always wants the coupon to use.

      Maybe I will try to wrestle the printer and set it up.

    4. Nevermind...those Dole Qs are for 8 or 11 oz size cans. The usual pineapple cans are 20oz I think.

  3. Again I am awed by your shopping. The lowest price I ever find ground chuck here is 2.99 lb. 3 bucks for a pound of meatballs would be a no brainer for mr.

    1. All that packaging the balls were in gave me pause but I am weak. lolz

  4. I have the same problem with eyes. Staying out of smoke and things that will get in my eyes helps some but not entirely. Allerest, then generic allerest and now Zyrtec are what I use. Sometimes, it is so bad I have to take an extra Zyrtec. Of course, cats and dogs do not help me at all. My daughter's face would swell, eyes swelled shut, and eyes itched and she had to take Dimetapp, I think. I sympathize with him because, unless someone has the same symptoms, no one can imagine the pain and irritation. None of the eyedrops help without the antihistamines, at least for me.

    1. He takes Claritin(generic kind)but he also has frequent eye issues even so, so the drops help.

    2. If it helps, my problems became less when I went through menopause. Maybe in 50 years, his will lessen, too.

  5. Nice haul! If I remember correctly, we spent about 600$ a month with five adults. Or, two adults and three teens. (Two hollow legged boys.) That’s been some years and before I was frugal. I would think you could do wonders with your amazing coupon skills and 400$. I wouldn’t stress over upping your monthly food budget.
    Question; where do you go to print coupons? Do you use a lot of apps? (Okay, two questions..) Thanks!

    1. I usually get my Qs off of coupons dotcom. I visit a deal blog or two for my grocery store(Weis)and they will have q match-ups sometimes. The only apps I use are Ibotta, SavingStar and Checkout51(though the last two you don't need the "app", only Ibotta)I don't have a smartphone so I check the deal blog(s), the sales ad, Qs that match-up and then check off Ibotta items I may buy. It takes me about an hour(or less) to do a thorough job on making up a list/print the Qs if I am doing a "big shop". I don't usually visit a bunch of stores a week to grocery shop unless I am near them(only Weis and Shursave in my town/close)and they have an awesome deal/ad.
      Weis does have a few digital Qs and I'll add those to my loyalty card too each week.

    2. Thanks, Sluggy! I’ll have to checkout coupons dot com. I don’t have a smart phone, either.

  6. Some great deals there, Sluggy. Especially on the meat, I would have bought those as well.

  7. In the last Wednesday grocery ad there were lots of meat deals, but nothing I ever buy.

  8. What on earth are you going to do with all that mayo?

    1. Well I don't consider two jars "all that much" mayo but if you must know......deviled egg and potato salad season are almost here, and there is BLT season, and it's a necessary ingredient in squash casserole, plus one of the kids slathers it upon grilled cheese. It also stand in, in a pitch to unstick and unsqueak door hinges and such. And I hear it's a great hair product if you have dry follicles, head lice treatment, remove dust mites from faux houseplants and remove gum from hair(one we often used when the kids were little). Mayo is the "wonder condiment" though I'd NEVER put it on any sandwich but turkey!

    2. I certainly don't consider two jars of mayo too much at all. Of course, I would never touch mayo, just Miracle Whip. Unfortunately, I have to buy mayo for casseroles that call for it. I tried subbing MW in a casserole one time, and it was gross. I certainly would put MW on a ham sandwich.

    3. I meant to say that I have an eye itch allergy med, a prescription. I don't know if it does any more good than your eye meds. It is Pazeo.

      Oh, I was the one with the MW instead of mayo above here.

  9. It's a pineapple time of year. I have plenty in storage so won't be doing that coupon. But you made a great haul there slugs. Sounds like you are feeling better. Now stay on your feet.


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