Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Frugal "Me" Day

This post is subtitled "My Day with Brad Pitt", because, well, why not?  ;-)

Monday was a rare "Me" Day at Chez Sluggy.
The weather was good so I hit the road to the town South of here for a bit of fun.  Hubs was back to work and Daughter back to school but she would be home by noon so I got a reprieve from watching the dog.

First off was a movie at the actual movie cinema.  I used that movie ticket I got free for buying M&M's at Rite-Aid back in October.  Post about that Deal is HERE.

I saw "Allied", a little touted release this month about spies during WWII.  It was pretty good and even if it wasn't, Brad Pitt is easy on the eyes.  ;-)

You can save yourself $12 on a movie ticket and just watch this trailer and you'll have seen the best moments of this flick.

It was a rare 10:30 am showing, I guess because the local public schools were still not in session due to the Thanksgiving break.
That being said this is not the kind of movie kids would want to see(history? Ewwww!)so I had the entire movie theater to myself.
Loving that!!!

Then there was a quick stop at Aldi to see what mushrooms were going for there this week, as I needed them for Stroganoff making this week. $1.97 for an 8 oz. package?!?  Egads, and no thanks!

But while in Aldi I perused the German Christmas treats.  Being a German company, they always have a nice selection of German made goodies at the Holidays and at a decent price.
I just had to pick this one up.....

Cherry Stollen for $4.99
A yummy splurge.

Then it was over to Bonanza to use the last Free Lunch/Dinner Buffet certificate we won at the Church Auction in October before it expired on the 30th.
Ok, I had to pay for my iced tea drink but  leisurely lunch for $2.43?  I'll take it.

Between eating I had brought a piece of paper and pen and started writing up our Christmas card list.  Yes, I am one of those people who still send cards in the mail. 8-)

Feeling quite stuffed(but not too stuffed)I stopped at a local grocery store to see what deals I could find before heading home.
Since I've closed out November's food spending anything I bought on Monday goes on December's tally.

I found 1 lb. packages of bacon with $2 off stickers making them $1.97 each!  If I had had more room in the freezer at home I would have bought them all(there were at least 15).  I had to settle for 4 packages coming home with me. 8-)
I found mushrooms for $2.50 per 12 oz. box so picked those up for the Stroganoff.

Another find were these packages of mint chocolate chip cookies marked down to $1 each due to quickly approaching sell by dates.  These will go into the freezer to be baked off once Christmas is near and the cookie making commences.

And I even picked up 2 stocking stuffers for College Boy for free after coupons......

Then I headed home and did some Cyber Monday shopping for myself--
A Vera Bradley purse for 50% off and free shipping and some Bath & Body Works candles for cheap.
There may have also been Christmas presents purchased as well. ;-)

All in all a nice relaxing "me" day and it didn't break the bank.



  1. I love your frugal "you" day. Back when I had tiny babies & M traveled a lot, about once every other month or so, I would leave the house as soon as he got home from work & head to the movie theater. I'd watch a movie & eat popcorn. ALONE. With no responsibilities. It was glorious. :-)

    My semi frugal day yesterday involved book reading by the pool, yoga at the beach ($17) & a tropical drink on our last day. We leave Hawaii today. It's been amazing, and we're UNDER budget! :-)

  2. Angelina doesn't want Brad anymore, so why shouldn't one of us have him? Or we can trade him back and forth. We'll need some sort of custody agreement.


  3. I am glad you got a moment to yourself. Sounds lime heaven!

  4. Wow, I could really use a day like that. Lucky you.

  5. OMG! I would have snapped up every package of that bacon. In fact I have done that before. I would get rid of something in the freezer to make room. I have not found any good bacon deals in years. I miss bacon!

  6. I am so happy that you treated yourself to a movie and lunch and a nice purse too! That bacon deal was to die for. Are you sure you couldn't take some packaging off of something in the freezer and go get the rest of that bacon. I have never seen a price like that lately. Enjoy all of that bacon. I sat down this morning to breakfast alone. Hubby had already left for jury duty. I made one egg over easy and instead of one strip of bacon, I ate three.YUM!

  7. Yay! You got to go OUT!!! However after watching that preview, it's vaguely reminiscent of Mr & Mrs Smith. And in the same line as Mr & Mrs Smith, I think I saw the exact moment he fell out of love with Angelina this time...

  8. I had to laugh at your horror at the price of mushrooms. Here in Sacramento, they're about $2.97 for 8 oz.

  9. Movie, lunch, out and about alone? Congratulations-you pulled off the mom feat.

  10. Woo hoo! A day all alone with no real adult responsibilities plus bargains? I call that the perfect day!


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