Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dollar General Gift Card Deal Update

So Hubs and I went out on Saturday and we hit up a Dollar General south of here to see what qualifying gift cards they had.
We found $10 Burger King cards but when we tried to purchase them, the cashier couldn't get them to activate.
So we picked up a couple of $20 Domino's cards there.

We hit another DG in the town south of us that we were going to for a late Lunch anyway.
They had $10 BK cards and variable amount Taco Bell cards too so we picked up 2 more Taco Bells(I got 2 earlier this week)and 4 Burger King cards.
$110 in gift cards for $70.

The $10 gift cards, at $10 off when you buy two means they are half price!

I noticed on the receipts this coupon too.....

Evidently this gift card deal is good through Dec. 10th.  Not sure if you need this coupon though to do the deal after today.



  1. Alas, no Dollar General stores here.

    As Thanksgiving approaches, please allow me to thank you for your blog. I love waking up to a cup of coffee and your latest entry. On Thursday, once we get the bird in the oven, we are off to Rite Aid, and you will be in my thougw.

    1. Oh well. I guess they haven't made it out that far west yet.

      Hope your R-A BF trip is fruitful. Be sure and pick up your free toothpaste and toothbrush this week as well.
      And thank you for your good thoughts. I can use them especially after this past week. 8-)

  2. So, where did you find this coupon?

  3. Linda, the coupon was on the bottom of the receipt when I purchased the gift cards. I am supposing it come on the receipt no matter what you buy.

  4. I don't think you need the coupon. It was in our insert again this week. I also read something about 20% off gift cards on Black Friday. But that is not as good a deal as buying the $10.00 cards. Thanks for showing me the full list.


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