Monday, February 1, 2016

This Week on the Dining Table

It's the "Using Leftovers in New Ways" Edition--

This is my dinner from Sunday night.  Last Friday I roasted a chicken.  My "Go To Plan" for using up leftover roasted chicken is to make Chicken and Dumplings.  But I also had leftover Collard Greens I had also prepared with the Roasted Chicken.  Though I most always put carrots in my C&Ds I thought why not ramp up the veggie content and throw the leftover Collards into it too?
It worked out well but next time I'll cut up the Collards into smaller pieces. lolz

Onward to the meal planning!

Here's what was planned last week.......

1. Sunday--Spinach Salad
2. Monday--Lasagna, Tossed Salad or Cooked Green Veggie
3. Tuesday--Salmon or Rock fish(freezer), Potato Salad(pantry), Green Beans(freezer)
4. Wednesday--Tacos or Taco Salad
5. Thursday--Leftovers
6. Friday--Roast Chicken(freezer), Mac and Cheese(pantry), Collards(freezer)
7. Saturday--Leftovers

And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Spinach Salad
2. Monday--Lasagna, Leftover Spinach Salad side
3. Tuesday--Rock fish(freezer), Potato Salad(pantry), Green Beans(freezer)
4. Wednesday--Tacos or Taco Salad
5. Thursday--Leftovers(I had lasagna/Hubs had halushki)
6. Friday--Roast Chicken(freezer), Mac and Cheese(pantry), Collards(freezer)
7. Saturday--I had Halushki, Hubs had Lasagna

Most everything eaten as planned(with a couple of side dish alterations).7 meals cooked at home(5 new meals and 2 using up leftovers).  We did get Subway for Lunch on Saturday and that comes out of the Eating Out Budget.

As for my grocery spending last week...... I have spent $349.97 "all in" for January.  Anything I bought for the food bank isn't part of this food budget and some shopping I did the last few days of January are coming out of February's grocery monies.

Leftovers going into this week......lasagna, roasted chicken, collards, taco fixings, enchilada sauce, mac and cheese, and potato salad.  The lasagna and leftover extra sauce will be combined and put into the freezer for a later date as we are "burnt out" on lasagna at this point. '-)

Here is this week's "food plan"--

1. Sunday--Chicken and Dumplings(chicken from freezer)(I'll put the leftover Collards into this too)
2. Monday--Beef & Green Chile Enchiladas(using leftover taco meat & enchilada sauce)
3. Tuesday--Bacon/Mushroom Quiche, Brussels Sprouts(freezer)
4. Wednesday--Fried Shrimp and Scallops(freezer), Cole Slaw, Corn on cob(freezer)
5. Thursday--Kielbasa(freezer)on Rolls, leftover Cole Slaw, Calif. mix veggie(freezer)
6. Friday--Broccoli Soup, Biscuits
7. Saturday--Leftovers

This week will see 4 new meals cooked and 3 meals of leftovers(repurposed into new dishes or not).
The leftovers from last week will be used in meals on Sunday and Monday, sides eaten with my lunch, and/or put into the freezer for later.

What I need to buy for this menu? half & half for the quiche and soup(will also use up the milk in the fridge for these), cabbage for the cole slaw.
If half & half wasn't on sale this week I's have used evaporated milk from the pantry instead in the soup and quiche.
Loss leaders include Pickles so those will be bought(I "heart" dill pickles.), as well as a few other items plus laundry detergent(on sale & I have Qs)for the food bank.
I hope to take my donation up this Friday.
I am running low on cheese finally(from the massive stock up for very cheap last Summer)so I'll get some more as part of the "Buy 10 items/Get $5 off Instantly" Deal at Weis this week..

The weather is suppose to be in the mid 50's this week so I may just go buy at pork shoulder and smoke it for barbecue sandwiches. (Hey I am already making Cole Slaw this week! lolz)  If so, then the later part of the week's menu will change radically.
Stay tuned.........

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?



  1. I try to meal plan but Den gets involved. Hey, anything to keep me out of the kitchen is a good thing. So I found what works best for me is to plan 7 easy meals with what I have on hand, buy loss leaders and then let Den decide what he wants to cook and then pick it up. Sometimes he says he wants to make something and then I buy everything and he doesn't get to it. This seems to be working the best for us. I get $200/week for gas and food and have been able to hold it at that since after Christmas. Plus anything that we need comes out of that money. Since gas prices have fallen, I have had more money for booze. Yay!

  2. your meals sound good. I am posting my menu plan tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will stick to it!

  3. I have no menu planned, but know within parameters the main components of the meals for the week. I am freezer and pantry shopping exclusively this week, so I mainly just have to pull out things to thaw in time to cook them. I wish I could follow a menu plan, but as soon as I make one I start looking for reasons to do something different.

  4. Pasta w/white sauce one night, chicken, rice and zuchini, and thats all I've figured out.


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