Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowmageddon Jonas.......Not Bad Here

We got a mere 9.5 inches by the time the snow stopped flying around 4 pm......

I measured 8" at 2 pm on the back deck.....

So what do you do when you can't go to Rite-Aid because the roads are a mess?

In NE PA you make a big pot of Halushki......

And you brew some beer........

....though Hubs Session IPA won't be ready for a few weeks yet.

And then you send Hubs out to shovel down by the road before the plows come through again and pile it all up at the base of your driveway and it freezes overnight........

About an hour South of here got 2.5 feet.
College Boy who's an hour west and then an hour north of us didn't get a single snowflake!
Eldest son checked in at 6 pm with 2 feet and it's still coming down there in F'burg, VA.  I do believe at this point his school WILL be out of session for about a week. lolz



  1. The advantage of most snows in Alabama is we get to watch it snow but the temp is so high it doesn't stick, so I could make runs anywhere today!

  2. I don't miss Snowmaggedons at all - I hope your boys are safe. I know you and hubs will be fine - what with the 2 year grocery supply and all :)

  3. We stayed in today too. Nine inches is a lot! Hopefully you'll be able to get out and go to Rite Aid soon. :)

  4. In Oklahoma, not even a flake. That's ok with me. Glad you and yours are all fine.

  5. I'm almost envious. No new snow here.

  6. It's 34 here at 5 AM- coldest we have had for sometime. I remember the year we were living in Blue Bell,Pa and we had a giant snowstorm- we had a big Valentine's Day party planned and the only folks who could come were the neighbors. I had so much food left over but plenty of booze LOL. Now I don't even own a winter coat but when I go out later, I'll be wearing layers. Keep safe!

  7. They don't know about Halushki down here. Wish I had some.

  8. (reader with first time comment). Northwest New Jersey 29.5 inches!!! Original prediction was 3-6 at the most. It's gorgeous though, and a blessing to happen Fri night thru Sunday morning.

  9. PS we used to make Halushki when I was growing up in Iowa. It was even better the second day. I made it a couple of years ago but it wasn't the same without bacon and I gave up pork. Turkey bacon isn't the same but I do like it.

  10. Funny how much Jonas differed from place to place. Further south west of you there was a tornado for Pete's sake!


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