Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rite-Aid Quickie

I went up to Rite-Aid on Tuesday, even though I said I wasn't buying anything there this week to get some Subway gift card(as they are giving Plenti points with purchase this week but the store was out of cards).
I also saw this in the sales ad at home before I left to go........

Spend $15 on select P&G items, Get $5 back in Plenti Points.
Between the $2/1 Tide Q in the coupon insert on Sunday and the 2 x $2/1 Tide Qs I printed at coupons dotcom this makes for some very cheap Tide.

I also had a $3 off wyb $15 on cleaning and/or laundry items Q that Rite-Aid sent me via snail mail to combine with this Deal.

3 x Tide on sale $5.34=$16.02

1 x $3 off $15 R-A Q=$13.02

3 x $2/1 Tide Qs=$7.02 + .78¢ tax=$7.80 OOP

I paid with Plenti points and received $5 new Plenti points so these 3 jugs of Tide cost me $2.80 in Plenti points.

Tide for less than $1 a jug.....who's gonna walk away from that!?!  ;-)

There is a limit of 1 of this Spend $15/Get $5 Tide/Bounty/Duracell Deal per card.


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