Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rite-Aid and Weis.....What Else Were You Expecting? lolz

A quick run into Rite-Aid on Friday and they still didn't have any Subway gift cards.
I'll have to hit up a different store today I am thinking.
But I did get this while I was there..........

On sale BOGO50% this week and I have 1 $2/1 Nexxus Q left from that Unilever booklet from Walmart.
$7.29 + $3.69=$11.08-$2Q=$9.08+.54¢tax=$9.62 using Plenti points.
I earned $10 in new Plenti points making this a .38¢ moneymaker.

I also bought some IHop and Applebee's gift cards(using Eating Out monies)and earned another $20 in Plenti points.

Then I ran into Weis(PMITA)Markets for food bank mayo plus a few other things for us.
I made a short video of that trip........

52% savings rate on the items I am keeping to use from that trip.
I'll go back on Monday to finish getting my weekly Deals at Weis and for the rest of my food bank donations.



  1. Just added up the January expenses- about $300 in food and I have plenty of chicken in the freezer. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I don't cluck. I also bought 4 dozen eggs yesterday at Winn dixie- not cage free or organic but too good of a deal to pass up and I can give them away also. My utilities are dirt cheap so my really only big January expense was my car insurance which I pay twice a year. I also gave quite a bit to my church but I consider that just paying forward. February should be a fun month- I bought GD 2 little outfits and board books and the grandsons will get $20 each and some candy. My bro's birthday is the 9th so my sis and I will take him out for lunch and I already bought him a big container of mixed nuts (surprisingly I didn't open them myself- I love nuts). I can't think of anything else out of the ordinary. I still haven't priced or researched printers but that might be the next big expenditure.

  2. Love the title.
    I just ran out because boneless/skinless ckn breasts were on sale at Jewel for $1.29/pound. It was a 10 pound limit. I topped off the freezer with chicken.


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