Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rite-Aid, After Christmas, Groceries and Frugal Hacks This Week

Back to Rite-Aid to finish off my buying for the week.

2 x Bic pens/pencils on sale=$2.00
5 x Nestle bottle water on sale 2/$6.50=$16.25 *not pictured*
1 x Dove men's shampoo on sale=$3.99

Coupons Used
2 x $1/1 Bic writing item ManuQ=$2.00
1 x $2/1 Dove men's shampoo ManuQ=$2.00
Coupon Total......$4.00

$22.24-$4=$18.24 using Plenti points.
I earned $15 in new Plenti points($5 wyb $15 water Deal, $10 wyb $30 Bonus Deal #2 completed).
$18.24-$15 new points means I spent "down" $3.24 on my Plenti points on this transaction.

But......take that off the $31.27 I am "up" in points from earlier this week and I end here being $28.03 "up" in points.

Then I went back for this stuff........

4 x assorted dry spray deodorants on sale $5.49=$21.96
1 x Suave green bottle shampoo on sale=$2.49

I forgot to hand over my coupons before the cashier finished the transaction but $6.50 in Load2Card Qs came off.
$224.45-$6.50=$17.95+$1.08 tax=$19.03 using Plenti Points.

Even though I did the Unilvever products Deal(Spend $12/Get $4 PPs)x 2 this week I forgot that even though the dry spray deos are NOT Starting Point items and don't count toward the Bonus $10 Deals this week, they ARE giving $2 in PPs all month(limit 4 deals per card)as they are a "Buy Rite" item.
And they are at the lowest sale price in the month THIS Week so it was worth getting them now as opposed to later in January.

After paying with Plenti points, I got cash back for the $9.00 in Qs I had.
AND....I'll get $7 in Saving Star cash rebates for buying all 5 products(Dove men's deo $2, Suave 'Poo .50¢, 2 x $1.50 Degree deos, $1.50 Dove women's deo).

Spend $19.03 in PPs, get $8 in new PPs and $16 in cash for rebates/coupons making this a $4.97 "moneymaker".

Add this to the $28.03 "moneymaker"for the week that I had going into this transaction and I "made" $33.00 plus I got all the goodies I bought at Rite-Aid this week for FREE!

If it seems like I did a lot of shopping this week between After Christmas sales, grocery deals and Rite-Aid you are correct! lolz

As for the "regular" grocery store spending front this week, here are the highlights.......

Applegate natural hot dogs with sale and instant meat discount stickers 3 x $2 a package.
OJ with sale/coupon 2 x $2 a carton.
3.49 lb. of Italian sausage @$3.99 lb. marked down to $6.18 and with a $3 off instant discount sticker making it $3.18 or .91¢ per lb!  8-)))
5 x 6 packs of Diet Pepsi bottles for $9 after sale/Q.
2 x Blue Diamond almond tins for $2 per can after sale/stacked Qs.
2 x Arnold's bread for $2.99 for both after BOGO and $1 Q.
20 x Musselman's applesauce packs.........

Weis had this item on special this past sales ad(ended Wednesday) for $1.37.
Sunday's inserts had $1/2 reg. packs adn $1/2 big cup packs.  I had 5 sets of inserts so 10 Qs to use so I got 10 of each variety.

Hubs goes through a lot of applesauce cups in his workday lunches through out the year.
Usually these go on sale for $2 each around here so why not take advantage of the better sale price and stock up?
So I paid $17.40 for all these.

I also found in my coupon file a rebate on this item good through 3/31/16.

Buy 20 packs and send in the qualifiers to receive a $10 gift card to one of the listed stores/restaurants.
So I'll get a $10 Best Buy gift card for buying all these to tuck away for next Christmas's gift giving.

I also received these in the mail this week......

6 x certificates for free 12 packs of Coke products.  Over the Holidays I was able to snag 6 of these for a mere 30 Coke points each by checking their site periodically.(I also got a $10 Amazon gift code for cheap too.) This reward usually "costs" 275 points other times during the year.
I have until the end of March to cash these in but I'll wait for either a BOGO sale or a reward of some kind(drugstore points)to surface to turn these into product.  Why not make the savings go even further, right?

Added all up and it sure seems l went through some cash this week but I am not worried since I don't spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave.....albeit a frugal drunken sailor on shore leave, most of the year.
I figure it's better to spend what appears to be lots of $ now which will save me spending more $ later in the year.



  1. I don't understand Starting Points or most of Plenti at all. After paying my ATT cell bill, I may have gotten some points, but I have no idea how to find out. I think I need a class in Plenti.

    You did well. I, too, save those Coke coupons to make it a better deal. I even found one of those Coke coupons from 2013 so I need to find out how to get it renewed. I feel like a drunken sailor without having had a drop of alcohol. My allergies are causing me to have ear problems. It is hard to rush to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    My Coke rewards took all my points away due to my not posting numbers. However, I did save all numbers. It may take me until Christmas to get them all posted!

    1. If you have the plenti card you can go onto their website and set up a log in/account to check your points.

  2. You are a drunken sluggy not sailor.
    You did great even if you did spend a few bucks.

  3. I think those coke freebies need to be sent to me your GOOD friend Kim:)

    1. Well come and get them I'll trade you some chicken salad..... lol


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