Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year Y'all!

Sorry I went MIA on the blog yesterday.
But it is hard to write when you are traveling in a car most of the day.
Here's a recap of what was going on in my world the last 2 days--

The partying began on December 31st at lunchtime.......

Let's play "Where's Waldo?"(but substitute Waldo for the Craft Beer) among the family members in this photo at lunchtime . lolz

This place had an entire large menu just for their beer offerings....geez!

Oh, appetizers happened here, yes sirree they did!
Pretzels as big as your head and homemade Pimento Cheese with pickles and baguette.

There may have been a Revolutionary War era hospital on this site(and the sign looked about that old too!)but the current site tends to mental health alcoholic and physical hunger needs now.

It was back to the hotel for a quick nap and then some of us had a swim before heading out for dinner at our son's apartment.

We hung out afterwards, watched a movie nibbled on snacks and started the imbibing while waiting for son's GF to get off work and join the party.

As we rang in the New Year of 2016 this is what was going on around me........

Rockin' in the New Year with tv.
Half of these celebrities I don't even know who they are.
I am officially an old geezer now......

But I do still know how to drink! ;-)

Lilly the grandkitty was not amused by the human hijinks in the wee hours of the morning.

After going back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep and breakfast we packed up and left for home.

But not before stopping along the way at a Walmart to stretch the legs and have a "look/see".  This cute Thomas the Tank Engine bank tempted me into picking it up for a 2016 Xmas giftie until I remembered that my son is not 3 years old anymore but 24+.

And then awhile later we were crossing into PA.  A quick very late lunch/early dinner in Carlisle and then only a few more hours until we would be home.

And then the skies opened up and it started snowing!
Flurries at first but as we crossed that invisible "snow line" that exists once you get far enough North  in PA, it looked dubious whether we'd be able to get home before being inundated with that evil white stuff.

We hit some bad snow squalls and the snow was covering the ground next to the highway and then swirling on the roadway.  The temperature was bouncing around like a ball on a roulette wheel from below to above freezing and we went in and out of snow, sleet and ice ball range, leaving the road wet and possibly slick with black ice.  And all that was within the last hour of the drive.

But in the end we persevered and pulled into our driveway around 5 pm or 2 hours past when we expected to get home.

A quick unloading of the car and then we handed College Boy his gifts from his brother and his Aunt and Uncle.

Gift cards all round.  Love the "Man Card" design one. lolz

So now, on January 2nd,  I have laundry to tackle, meals to plan and cook(maybe we'll get some take-out this weekend as I ease back into "real life"), 2015 goals as well as December/monthly ones to recap, a Savings Challenge to close out and then to formulate what the heck will be in store for us here at Chez Sluggy in 2016.
And there is always another trip to Rite-Aid to pull off before this day is out....... 8-)

So please bear with me as I dig out and get back into my domestic groove again.

Let's look forward to a year of many possibilities for us all, where the good largely outweighs the bad in our lives.
Here's to us all!!!



  1. your sons are very handsome! and your grandkitty looks so like my nyla! looks like winter has finally arrived; HNY to all!

  2. My 75% clearance items made my heart sing! Glad you made it back from the festivities without tangling with black ice! Have you had your blackeyed peas yet? Happy New Year!

  3. I was worried you were under a table some where. Well maybe you were under a table and just not posting about it?

  4. My cats were looking at me a little funny on NYE also lol! Maybe I should "party on" more often :) Happy New Year Denise - I'm sure you're back on track once again.

  5. Glad you had a fun and family filled NYE
    After the Cotton Bowl we watched the remaining Dick Clark's Rocking NYE. If you knew half of the people on it I am impressed. Of the acts I saw the only one whose song I could sing along with was Jimmy Buffet (I am a seriously unhip geezer plus I hate the song Margaritaville but I do know the words)


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