Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First Grocery Shopping Video of 2016

While it's not my first grocery shopping trip of 2016 it is the first one where I thought to video record it.

I didn't pick up the eggs or onions yet this week as that would take me down the mountain and across the valley and the weather is questionable this week.....maybe I can have Hubs pick those up at Maine Source on his way home later this week?

But I did get the other things I wanted this week AND some stuff for College Boy.
$70 set out to spend for all our needs/wants this week and I actually spent $30.67 OOP.

What are you buying this week at the grocery stores?



  1. I will probably buy more $1.69/lb chicken tenders, maybe more cheap Cuties. then, the new ad comes out on Wed. Oh, I will buy two gallons of Krogers spnce this the week it is @ gals/$4.

  2. I have $53.82 left this month, as I am eating down the pantry and freezer while preparing for a move and using 1/2 of my usual grocery budget to pay off some medical debt, alloting $200/month for groceries. I bought quite a bit this past week, so anticipating just milk, 1/2 & 1/2 and any other must haves this week-that's it.

  3. yogurt and oatmeal, my two new friends.


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