Monday, January 11, 2016

A Few More 2015 Recaps

Just a couple more recaps here at Chez Sluggy before we move on to 2016 Goals.

*  Exercise Program
I started "real" exercising in 2015 in mid-March.
I was able to log in 460 miles on the exercise bike for the year.
My best months were June, July and August.
While I only did a few miles in September and then in October, I was also doing Physical Therapy for my foot issue(lol)those months so I was exercising just not riding a bike.
I really didn't add in any weight training last year.  That will be an added thing going into 2016.

*  Eating Out
I try to keep a limit of $100 on Eating Out per month.  This doesn't count Eating Out when traveling and there was a LOT of traveling last year!  This $100 mark doesn't include any special occasion Eating Out birthday celebrations, when people come to visit and we take them out, that sort of thing.
Eating Out amounted to $3212.71 in 2015.
Of that, just the "Regular Eating Out" came to $874.81.  This comes to $72.90 per month average so we stayed under the $100 a month goal for that.
Now the remaining $2,337.90 in Special Eating Out?....that's another story! lolz
True we can afford it but still, that's a big pile of cash!
Other than not eating out as much(or traveling as much)I'll be thinking on ways to bring this down a little in the new year.

*  Now I am just in waiting mode to get our end of year credit card statement that breaks down all the c/c spending into categories so I can see "how much we spent on what" in those categoriess last year. I put much of our spending on the credit card(and pay it off every month in full)rather than pay by cash or check/debit for the free reward points putting it on plastic gets me.  It's not much of a savings in the end but spending this way does give us FREE gift cards that I can use for giving, food spending or purchasing items we need/want.


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