Thursday, June 25, 2015

Say Cheese!

I went back to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday, one trip before my doctor's appointment and one afterwards.

A did a short video on the first trip HERE.
$23.12 OOP and I qualified for that $5 Bush's Beans Rebate.

Then here is what I bought on the 2nd trip...........

Another Arm & Hammer detergent for .87¢ after coupon, 3 blocks of Cracker Barrel cheese and 1 bag of shredded cheese(the shredded is also included in the $5 Instant Savings Deal). The shredded cheese is .49¢ more than the CB blocks so I'll probably stick to the blocks for the rest of my cheese buying frenzy.

$4.40 OOP and a 78% savings rate over regular retail.

The drawer in the fridge is slowly filling up with cheese. 
Before you think that Sluggy has gone off the deep end buying so much cheese that her family can't possibly finish it all before the sell by date, here is my thinking.

These blocks are good for 6 months or so refrigerated.  If they don't get used by then, I'll shred whatever is left at that point and throw it into the freezer to buy us another 9 months to a year to get it used up(but I doubt any will last past the 6 months).  8-)

So tell me, if you have a chance to stock up on a staple your family used a lot of each month/year, would you spend the extra now to save money on that item for the coming year?

Personally I would to a degree.  The cheapest I can usually get a block of cheddar cheese(8 oz.)is $2.50(store brand).  Getting it now for .74¢ a block is quite the savings.  And this is not like ice cream or pickles or a junk food that we don't really "need"(ok, so nobody "needs" cheese necessarily either but it's part of our regular diet and a "real" food.).

Now if I was on a stricter budget(read smaller budget)and/or had to put these cheese purchases on a credit card or something I would NOT be buying a buttload of blocks.  Nor would I buy so much if I didn't have room to store it because that would just be silly on the level of Lucy Ricardo trying to smuggle a whole wheel of cheese back from Europe on the plane home.

It makes sense to buy this item ahead, NOW, while it's a great buy as opposed to spending at least $2.50 per block later this year on this item.
At least it makes sense for me.  8-)



  1. Yes, I would certainly allow for an increase in my food budget to save later low, doncha' know? We do this constantly. When things like cheese are rock bottom, there is usually a limit of say, 2 per visit. Well, we might go daily for the duration of the sale, then not purchase that item again until it hits rock bottom. A pain? Perhaps, but then we can go weeks at a time without shopping at all if there is nothing to be had at the prices we will pay. Those weeks, the food budget $ rolls into savings, where it stays.

  2. Yep, we have done it with our butter. It went on clearance for a marketing change and they were marked 90% off. We bought them out. However, we use butter like there is no tomorrow. A little butter makes everything taste better. Same thing with organic chicken recently. Marked down to $1.09 per pound. We loaded up! Filled half of our freezer and it is the best chicken known to man. So, absolutely - if had the room, used it frequently, and not on a credit card - it be in my frigefrator!

  3. I totally agree with you and I loves me some cheese.

  4. Right now I have 12 pounds of butter in the freezer, because it was $1.79 per pound for 1 week several months ago. I vacuum seal them 2 pounds per bag for long term storage, but also have a few pounds in ziplock bags (reusable) My shopping list this week is cheese. It is currently $1.49 per 8 ounce block and I will most likely buy at least a dozen.


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