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Ocean City Fall Vacation 2013.....Part 4

Wednesday, Day Four in Ocean City Maryland was our last full day on this vacation.

I went out onto the balcony in the morning and did a little seagull watching.......

Dark clouds started rolling in early that day so we started making plans for an indoor activity for Wednesday.

Hubs made breakfast for us in the room.......a sausage and egg on a whack biscuit.

Then we got ready to head out to "do" something.   By the time we passed a chicken processing plant along the way it was raining.

We decided to head up to Millsboro, Delaware to the Nanticoke Native American Museum.

This was a very nice little museum about the Nanticoke tribes that lived in the Delaware and Eastern shore of Maryland.  The first contact of the Nanticoke with European settlers was Capt. John Smith in 1608, shortly after the founding of Jamestown in 1607.

Though the Nanticoke are not an officially recognized tribe by the Federal Government(and they do not have their own reservation and tribal government), they do have an unofficial "tribe" and land that serves the peoples cultural needs.  They are however a state recognized tribe in Delaware.  This is the only Native American museum in Delaware and it is housed in a former Nanticoke schoolhouse.

Handicrafts made by present day Nanticoke tribe members as well as ancestors.......

The caretakers had no problem with us snapping photos of most everything in the exhibits.  The only exception were the preserved/taxidermy eagles.  Eagles are so sacred to these people that they don't allow them to be photographed. 

They had an accessible ramp in that back of the building so I had no problem getting the wheelchair inside.

Of course wheeling around the exhibits without crashing into them was another story....I was NOT a good driver having so little experience. lol
But I succeeded in NOT damaging anything......

An old dugout canoe which had been handed down through the generations.....

There were books on native history in the second room with the canoe tableau and it was set up to accommodate groups of school children as a teaching classroom.

There was pottery and many artifacts both ancient and old,  as well as some nice written history on the First Peoples who inhabited the Delaware Valley region of the country.....

I loved this old crab trap......much harder to use than the type of crab pots I used in my youth to go crabbing.

This was a recreation of a Nanticoke tribal village the local youth had made....

They had a small gift shop with actual crafts made by tribe members.  Hubs bought this matted photograph of Nanticoke dancers at a Pow-Pow gathering.  The woman manning the museum that day, Assistant Director, was the dancer in the photo so Hubs asked for her to pose with the photo. for a memento.  She seemed quite thrilled and pleased to do so.  Thanks June Morning Star Robinson!

I found this article from Delaware Online after our visit that featured the Nanticoke tribal chief and June too.  There should be a short film at the top of that page as well with them in it.

I also bought a Christmas ornament for our tree of a replica of the Nanticoke tribal emblem.....

After we finished our museum visit it was still raining.  I spied this field of crops on our way back to Ocean City......

If you can't make it out, that "line" over the field is an irrigation pipe system and it is spraying water on the field.....while it's raining! lol

We were famished as we stayed at the museum quite awhile so we stopped at Arby's along the way back to OC.  This nasty sandwich was a special in the Fall of 2013 at Arby's....a smokehouse barbecued something or other.  It was so SALTY I could barely eat it!!!

So after that we had to make another stop at the Burley Oak Brewery know, just to wipe the taste of that salt lick out of my mouth.  ;-)

I think we just stayed in that last evening and ate whatever we still had hanging out in the fridge there.
I had bought this Ginger Beer on the way down.  I must say it was not my favorite thing to drink but drink it I must. lolz

Hubs was up before dawn again on the morning we left for home.  He snapped another awesome sunrise before heading out.

We made another stop at Total Wine & More on the way home.  Hubs wanted to pick up a few more things he didn't get on the way down to the shore.
It was barely 11am when we got to the store and I snapped this photo on the way into the parking lot....

It was an old wino holding up a sign asking for money so he could buy a drink.....

No better place than to panhandle for money for a drink than outside a massive liquor store, right?

And with that ends our 2013 Fall Trip to Ocean City Maryland.


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